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10 Years in Indonesia, Afghan Refugee Resettled to Australia

Afghan refugee

Abdul Razik Rahim, a 27-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, finally got resettled in Australia after 10 years living under the supervision of the Makassar Immigration Detention Centre, South Sulawesi.

Abdul Razik did not encounter any obstacles due to vaccination requirements when flying via Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport. Almost 90 percent of refugees in Makassar City had received both the first and second doses of vaccination, including him.

The plan is that Abdul Razik will work in a grocery store in Australia. He has not been allowed to work while in Indonesia, however, the opportunity for resettlement made him grateful.

Head of the Makassar Immigration Detention Centre Alimuddin said that since early January 2022, three refugees from Afghanistan have been resettled.

“We hope that the asylum-receiving country will open up opportunities for refugee placement because, with that, they have new hope as whole human beings, who can enjoy full rights as citizens,” Alimuddin explained.

Abdul Razik and two Makassar Immigration Detention Centre officers headed to Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta at 12:15 pm WITA. Arriving in Jakarta, the officers handed over the files to the Soekarno-Hatta Airport Immigration Officer.

After that, Abdul Razik continued his flight at 7 pm and was scheduled to arrive in Melbourne on 27th January local time, where he will continue his flight to Adelaide.

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