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Andrea Angelique: Medium and Tarot Master

Anna Rohm
Anna Rohm

When she was eight, a group of curious girls gathered around Andrea Angelique as she put her hands on the cursor of a Ouiji Board. The stylus suddenly began spelling out all of their middle names. She was as astounded as they were, as she barely knew their first names!

As a teen, Andrea delighted in reading books by Edgar Cayce on reincarnation. In San Francisco as a “love child” in the early 1970’s, she discovered her intuitive powers and supplemented her income by doing Tarot readings for urbanites, gays, genteel couples, hippies in Haight-Ashbury and suit-and-tie businessmen from the Financial District.

A natural intuitive, Andrea has been studying and reading the Tarot for most of her adult life. Painting, singing, writing poetry, raising Persian cats for fun and profit, playing “stage mother” as a karaoke host, and making a fool of herself in an Ubud comedy improv group are just a few of her hobbies.

Andrea took graduate courses in counselling psychology at Ohio State University, worked for more than 20 years as a professional counsellor, has authored two books, been ordained as a lay minister, and taught numerous workshops on Tarot, relationships and male/female compatibility factors.

With her counselling background, her spiritual orientation, her psychic abilities to see past lives, Andrea feels certain that a universal consciousness, a sublime energy connects all of us. In a recent interview, Andrea chronicled her path to becoming a professional clairvoyant.

What’s your professional background?
After a stressful career as a journalist/feature writer for the Scripps-Howard Newspapers, I established the SoulMates Centre in La Jolla and Newport Beach, California for twenty years, which specialized in matchmaking and relationship counselling. I wrote a book, “What’s My Type?” about male-female compatibility issues and taught all over California for the Learning Annex, a “university without walls.” Today I live and work in Ubud reading Tarot cards for both individuals and couples.

What is the Tarot?
Tarot is an intuitive art. Most psychics use some kind of tool to harness and focus their energies, such as astrology, palmistry, a crystal ball, the I Ching, etc. Tarot is the language I use to communicate with Spirit. I love counselling and helping people, so it was a joy for me to learn the symbolic language of the Tarot. When you learn the many meanings of the cards, it becomes a visual language that stimulates psychic connections.

How do you prepare for a Tarot session?
I generally do my readings in my home, in a reverent, private space. I do this for the confidentiality of the client, and also, because I am so sensitive, to keep external interferences from distracting me while listening to and perceiving the communications from my Third Eye through visions, internal hearing and empathic emotion. As I’m only a channel for Spirit, I always begin every reading with a prayer and a blessing to surround the reading with the protection and to enlist Spirit’s help in allowing me to become a channel for light, wisdom and clarity.
Andrea & Tarot
How does a reading work?
A reading generally takes an hour or longer. The more time, the more detail I’m able to give. After a prayer, I shuffle the cards, the client divides the deck into three packs and then chooses one of the packs that I will work with. I place the cards in a complex layout where each position represents an aspect of the Querant, the person who is asking the questions. For example, one position represents the client’s home, another their past, another present conflict and yet another, aspects of the future as it will develop. I read each card as a sentence in a paragraph, in a story of the Querant’s life, weaving a metaphorical story. When I have completely read the layout (there may be 30-40 cards to read), I turn all the cards over, and my client and I ask further questions for clarification. Usually, within the hour, I can answer all the client’s questions.

What sort of counselling advice do you give?
People come to see me because they need assistance, more information, direction, clarification of values and goals. Because I have a professional background in counselling psychology, many clients prefer to seek advice from a psychic like myself, rather than from a psychotherapist. If they are open to counselling, I offer them suggestions before, during and after a reading. I try to help them think more clearly about a situation, attempt to assist them in looking at options, encourage them to think “outside the box,” and allow them to validate what they are feeling. I help clients make difficult decisions, enable them to move forward in their lives with greater clarity and insight.

How do you know if your readings turn out to be true?
I get many emails from clients confirming my predictions. I also occasionally send out emails requesting feedback, which confirm that what I foresaw was 80 to 90% accurate.

Do you also read for couples?
Sometimes a couple will want to know important things to prepare themselves for coming events: a move, a job opportunity, a return on an investment. Sometimes they want to know if they will stay together. In such cases, the Tarot will assist me in seeing if there are significant problems in the relationship. Usually I ask my clients if they would like to work with me on addressing these issues and discovering solutions so they can be happier together.

Do you still use a Ouiji Board?
The Ouiji Board became my favourite “toy.” I was having a wonderful time telling the fortune of the kids on my street. Then my lovely, concerned mother hid the board away. I didn’t find it again until after she had passed away in old age, hidden away at the bottom of an antique chest.

Andrea may be contacted via email [email protected], texting her at 081-339-405-579. Information about her services can be found on, Resource Guide under Psychics, or on the Internet:

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