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Top Five Food Habits to Note this Monsoon Season

Top Five Food Habits to Note this Monsoon Season

You might be a lover of strikingly hot, sunny days and long nights in the tropics during the dry season.

Or you might be a fan of the heavy rainfall with strong gusts of wind and loud thunder during the monsoon season. Days in this tropical wonder of a country are looking more gloomy and with it, along comes humidity.

The damp and wet weather leads to a rise in illnesses, namely colds, indigestion, dengue, and many more. Therefore, we should observe certain food habits to keep an optimum immune system.

With coronavirus not leaving Indonesia any time soon, we’ve to take extra great care of our health. Who wants to get sick this time with the coronavirus still lurking? No one. Here are the top five food habits to note this monsoon season.

  1. Hydrate Your Body

Keep your body hydrated at all times. Even during the monsoon season, as the high moisture content in the air can make our bodies prone to infections. Either consume adequate amounts of water regularly, consume fruits high in water content, or have lots of liquid soups and stews to stay hydrated.

  1. Maintain Good Digestion

Regardless of which season it is, fruits and vegetables are the key to maintaining high levels of energy and keeping the digestive system in check. However, the monsoon period is a time to be extra cautious, too.

  1. Antioxidants

Foods rich in antioxidants can help the body to stay healthy, prevent infections, and boost immunity. Some you can try are blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kale, spinach, red cabbage, and dark chocolate.

  1. Anti-bacterial Herbal Teas

Tea lovers, it’s time to spice up your tea time with some condiments. Mixing extras such as honey, mint, ginger, and black pepper can aid upset tummies and help to keep the metabolism of your body running, aside from adding kicks of exotic flavours.

  1. Avoid Fried Goodies

Processed foods and heavy dishes are best avoided due to the humidity as the body’s digestion capacity is at its lowest. Opt for something that is steamed or grilled instead.

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