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Health Ministry Considers Fourth COVID-19 Vaccine

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Health Ministry Considers Fourth COVID-19  Vaccine

The Health Ministry is planning to administer a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine or a second booster. 

The Health Ministry is planning to administer a fourth dose of COVID-19 vaccine or a second booster.

According to the Spokesperson for the Health Ministry, Mohammad Syahril, currently, the government remains focussed on prioritising the administration of the first dose, second dose, and booster vaccine. Meanwhile, a second booster vaccine or the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is being considered because several countries have already implemented this programme.

“But not all countries, because all countries are like us, the booster coverage has not been fulfilled,” said Syahril when contacted by the media on Tuesday 22th July 2022.

The consideration of giving the second booster vaccine is because the COVID-19 pandemic is prolonged, while the antibodies produced from the vaccine can decrease after six months of administration.

“If this pandemic is prolonged, then there is a thought or a recommendation from various parties for a second booster vaccination,” said Syahril.

Suppose the second booster vaccine programme is implemented. In that case, the government will first prioritise groups considered at risk, such as health workers, people with comorbidities, older people,  or people with immune system problems.

For example, the elderly, health workers, people who serve the public, all of which have priorities, related to ability, cost and so on,” he concluded.

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