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Bamboozled – New Book by Stu Lloyd


Stu Lloyd has dropped his latest book, a massive collection of colourful stories contributed to by expats from Pakistan to Papua New Guinea and everywhere in between.

“It’s called BAMBOOZLED – The Lighter Side of expat Life in Asia,” says the Zimbabwe-born Australian who lives in Thailand.

“It’s a project I’ve been sitting on for a while and I thought, ‘what better time than now to bring people a laugh or two hundred’. So, we’ve rushed it out on e-book first for an easy, contactless experience.”

The stories are divided up by chapters which include:

  • Language problems and miscommunication
  • Airport and flying
  • Cafés, restaurants, and pubs
  • Bribery, corruption, and conmen
  • Drivers and maids
  • Golf and sport
  • Embassies and diplomacy
  • Holidays, hotel, and travel
  • Houses, flatmates, and landlords
  • Doctors, nurses, hospitals, and faith healers
  • Office and work
  • Retail and shopping experiences, and much more.

Bamboozled captures the simultaneous fun and frustrations of living and working in Asia.

“Many of these are what I call the bamboozling moments,” says Lloyd. “Part mystifying, part perplexing, part head-scratching. Like, what just happened there? But ultimately funny stuff to look back on.”

Lloyd has been collecting stories in the line of duty since he arrived in Hong Kong “as a child slave” in 1987, and has since lived and worked in Singapore, China, and Thailand.

“Big shout-out to our contributors — these stories are our shared collective experience as foreigners. Many of us have experienced these situations ourselves, or can easily picture ourselves in them — for better or worse, because some of them are quite edgy.”

Bamboozled is corporate friendly and family-friendly, reflecting the new breed of expat and demonstrated in the range of contributors, both Western and Asian, male and female.

Stu Lloyd has been called ‘the perfect storyteller’ by The Telegraph, UK, on the back of his body of work which covers military history, colonial history, and travel. His 11 books have sold over 100,000 copies and his features have appeared everywhere from Sydney Morning Herald, South China Morning Post, to National Geographic Traveler magazine.



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