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Thousands of Football Supporters Gather at HI Roundabout

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Thousands of Football Supporters Gather at HI Roundabout

The Jakmania football supporters’ euphoria over Jakarta’s Persija’s victory against Bandung’s Persib moved on to the streets last night.

Thousands of Persija supporters poured out onto the roads, congesting traffic.

Central Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Hengki Haryadi said that the incident happened suddenly on the night of Sunday 25th April. Police and National Armed Forces officers descended on the location to disperse the supporters.

Hengki said the supporters came from several places, not only from Central Jakarta. “There were 63 people taken and secured in the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan area,” he said.

“This is a cause for concern. Not only did they not maintain distancing, but they also gathered without masks. There were thousands of them.”

Persija won the match against Persib with a score of 2-1 in Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

The Jakmania party for Persija’s victory was posted all over social media, where they celebrated the victory by shouting, chanting, and setting off firecrackers. Some supporters even threw themselves into the HI Roundabout water feature.

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