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Search for Lost Chinese Tourists in Banten Enters Seventh Day

3 Chinese tourists got lost in the Sangiang Ocean

The search for 3 Chinese tourists who got lost in the Sangiang Ocean, Banten is still being conducted.

It has so far reached the seventh day of operations with no significant leads in finding the three visitors.

“For now, the team has conducted the operation, but there is still no result. We have undertook observations from the air, the ocean, and underwater,” Chief of National Search and Rescue Agency of Banten, Zaenal Arifin, said on Friday 8th November.

Zaenal explained that if the seventh day of search brings no result, the operation will be stopped, based on the standard procedures.
“If we enter 7th day, we will make an evaluation whether the search will be stopped or consider whether to continue again,” he said.

According to the daily evaluation, the obstacles that is causing the most trouble for the search effort is the extreme weather. With this situation, the team needs to go underwater to search.
The victims’ family decided to join the search by using a helicopter to observe the team around Marak Seaport.

“The family still hopes to find the victims. They want to keep searching,” he said.

Previously, it is reported that the three tourists were lost in Sangiang Ocean after joining a diving training expedition on Sunday 3rd November.

Source: Merdeka
Image: JPNN

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