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Death Row Inmate Cai Chang Pan Found Dead

Death Row Inmate Cai Chang Pan Found Dead

Greater Metropolitan Regional Police Chief Inspector General (Irjen) Nana Sudjana ha confirmed that a Chinese drug convict, Cai Chang Pan – also known as Cai Ji Fan – who escaped from the Tangerang City Class 1 Correctional Institution, has been found dead.

He hanged himself in a tire processing factory in the Jasinga Forest, Bogor on Saturday 17th October 2020 at 10:30am.

“He (Cai) started to feel pressured by the presence of our members until he committed suicide as a joint team continued to search for him,” said Nana.

According to Nana, 291 people were deployed to pursue Cai. Furthermore, a Mobile Brigade Corps (SSK Brimob) team was deployed to participate in pursuing Cai.

Cai was very familiar with the characteristics and geographic features of the Tenjo Forest area, which was the location of his first escape. Nana pointed out the search took approximately one month, encountering several obstacles when pursuing the death row inmate from China.

Meanwhile, Head of Koleang Village Abdul Rohman said that the location where Cai Chang Pan was found was quite remote, about two kilometres from the main road. In fact, the road access to the former tire processing factory is right on the border of the Banten area.

Shortly before Cai Chang Pan was found dead, Abdul headed straight to the location to confirm the arrival of the ambulance and police vehicle. Upon arriving at the location, Cai’s body was wrapped in a body bag and evacuated to an ambulance.

Abdul said that at that time the police also brought in one of the security guards who was noted as a witness.

“The security guard that was brought in is a resident. The factory is actually closed, but this security guard happened to have a chicken coop there,” said Abdul. “He’s not an active security guard there though. Hopefully, he isn’t involved in this matter.”

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Cai Chang Pan used many pseudonyms, including Antoni, Yongapan, and Cai Ji Fan. He escaped from the Class 1 Correctional Institution of Tangerang City and was racked to two sub-districts in West Bogor, namely Tenjo and Jasinga.

Having a history attached to the area caused him to flee to the two sub-districts in West Bogor. Searches were carried out across each village to the deep forest in the mountains.

From several accounts, Cai Chang Pan owned a number of plots of land and has a tire-burning business which is managed by his wife and assisted by a number of employees. However, the assets of the plot of land and the tire-burning warehouse in Jasinga were sold after Cai Chang Pan was imprisoned in 2015.

Source: Oke Zone and CNN Indonesia

Image: BeritaSatu 

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