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Overstay Fees Cancelled for Some Visitors

Overstay Fees Cancelled for Some Visitors. Source: Unsplash (Marco Lopez)

A memo has been released limiting immigration services to prevent further spread of coronavirus in Indonesia. It’s from the Acting Director-General of Immigration, Jhoni Ginting, and contains further travel measures that came into effect of Friday 20th March 2020 at 00:00.

Foreign visitors who have travelled to or transited through Iran, Italy, Vatican, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the UK in the last 14 days will not be allowed to enter or exit Indonesia. Further, the visa-free policy, visa on arrival, and Diplomatic or Service visa-free policy have all been suspended for one month.

Foreigners who cannot return to their country do not need to apply to the immigration office under the Automatic Stay Permit Extension if they arrived after February 5th 2020. Anyone who arrived before this date and may be faced with an overstay should still contact local immigration.


Automatic Stay Permit

Jhoni has also instructed the Head of Immigration Offices and Head of Immigration Divisions on the following matters, which will prevail until further notice:

Head of Immigration Office

A.Restrict passport service by prioritising urgent needs through the call centre number provided by the Immigration Office for applications on:

  •  A sick person cannot be suspended for the doctor’s referral; and
  •  People whose interests cannot be postponed.

B)Provide information to foreigners for not having to apply for a Stay Permit when the foreigner has reached an overstay status; they will be given a fine of Rp0.00, referring to article 5 Subsection (6) Letter B of Government Regulation number 28 the year 2019, on the type and tariff of the type of state acceptance that is non-tax in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

C) Foreigners who are given the overstay fee of Rp0.00, as referred to in letter B, are foreigners entering the country after February 5th 2020.

Head of Immigration Division

  1. Deactivate the online passport queue service quota;
  2. Supervise and monitor the unit of work located in the working environment; and
  3. Report the implementation of this circular letter periodically to the Director-General of Immigration.

Source: Directorate General of Immigration within the Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Further information will follow regarding foreigners who are currently living and working in Indonesia.

See: Additional 20 March 2020 Travel Measures

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