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Kuta Closes Early?

Partygoers in Kuta


As you may be aware the closing times of clubs and bars in Kuta were changed in the recent months to that of 3am.

This initially caused a backlash of complaints from partygoers and hardcore alcoholics alike as restrictions were put on their ability to get totally and thoroughly twisted. Even after the time change they still manage to get completely legless as I noticed a tourist passed out against a tree last night.

I took it upon myself to get the heartbeat of Kuta and actually ask the regulars and residents what their views were.

The first person to ask of course has to be one of the aforementioned partygoers by the name of Andrew Morito-Karn who was watching the delightful sunset on Kuta beach. Upon careful reflection while sipping his Bintang he proclaimed that this closing time change was in fact a positive move as this would decrease the amount of drunken fights occurring.

Beside him sat Taufik the gentle spirited surfer from Sanur who was born and bred in Bali.  He also agreed with Andrew and added that the only benefits of clubs and bars remaining open till 5am as previously, would be for the wallet lining of club owners (coincidently enough this would mean the sharp decline in the dimensions of wallets belonging to the party goers, funny that).

Gidi from Bali taxis was very surprised when I approached him after he yelled “Transport! Transport!” at me. I then posed the question how this change has affected his wallet lining. He shook his head and said that for the sake of a few Rupiah the peace of Kuta was what mattered and that he agreed with the new closing times. He said the only people he picked up previously at the crack of dawn were problematic to say the least, often forgetting where they stayed and then abusive when he couldn’t read their minds to the point of people just not paying their fares.

Putu the manager of Eikon was also welcoming of the change as he stated that the residents of Kuta need to be respected. They need at least some quiet time in their days to get some much needed rest from the hustle and bustle of Kuta.

Next on the Jl. Legian trail was the staff of Double D. They were very happy with the 3am closing time as it meant they could go home earlier. Good point!

One of the patrons half comatose on the seat piped up that it was, “bloody terrible”, that bars weren’t open till late anymore as, “I can’t get as wasted as I want!” His eyes rolled a few times and then he said, “Actually just ignore me, I’m f**ked.” When I asked him what his name was and where he was from, he replied, “I’m from England, my name is Elvis Costello.” Hmm…

Last but not least was Rosie the homeless lady, often seen sleeping on the sidewalk with her short red dress. I’m not sure she really understood my question as my broken Indonesian wasn’t really sufficing. My sign language seemed to do the trick. She just answered with a simple declaration that the night was cold. Bless her soul.

So all in all from the wide range of people I asked, everyone seems to have welcomed this change as it keeps the chaos that is often Kuta at night from exploding into total anarchy. Less fights, less crime and of course the residents get a precious few hours of sleep time. I say cheers to that.

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