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Crime Rate Less Than One Every Three Hours in South Jakarta

Crime in Jakarta

Chief of South Jakarta Metro Police, Kombes Pol. Bastoni Purnama, has said that every three hours 18 minutes, a crime occurred during 2019.

This figure has reduced by one hour 55 minutes compared to 2018.

“The crime trend in South Jakarta has decreased in 2019 as compared to 2018,” Bastoni said. Based on the analysis, Bastoni said that the rate of crime in the South Jakarta area in 2018 was recorded as an occurrence every one hour 23 minutes.

South Jakarta Metro Police reported that the number of crimes reaches 2,662 cases with a settlement rate of 2,518 cases and 122 suspects during 2019. The data recorded a decrease compared to 2018 with a record 6,309 cases and a settlement rate of 5,138 cases and 288 suspects.

Bastoni said the highest types of crime were 548 cases of drug selling, 271 cases of theft, 123 cases of severe mistreatment, 118 motorised vehicle theft, 118 fires, 32 violent burglaries, and others. At present, South Jakarta Metro Police Force has 1,429 personnel, whereas the ideal number is 2,207 personnel, Bastoni also added

Bastoni revealed that South Jakarta Metro Police will be more aggressive in suppressing crime rates in 2020 through preventive and preemptive measures, such as patrols, raids, routine operations, and repressive measures.

Source: Antaranews

Image: Merdeka

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