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Jakarta Flooding, Electricity Cut Off

Jakarta Flooding, Electricity Cut Off

Heavy rainfall has hit DKI Jakarta and its surroundings from the night of Friday 19th February into Saturday 20th February, causing a number of areas to be flooded.

The following is a summary of the flood spots in the Jakarta area and its surroundings:

  1. Pemda Jati Asih Housing Complex
  2. Villa Mutiara Serpong, Tangerang
  3. Jalan Kp Tengah, Pasar Rebo, Jakarta Timur
  4. Puri Kartika Lama Housing Complex, Ciledug, Tangerang
  5. Maharta Housing Complex, Ciledug
  6. Wiyoto Wiyono Toll from Cawang to Tanjung Priok
  7. Pondok Maharta, Jalan Kakaktua Raya, Pondok Kacang Timur, Pondok Aren
  8. Puri Gading Utara Raya, Bekasi
  9. Mutiara Gading Timur Housing Complex, Bekasi City with waters up to 100-150 cm
  10. Mustika Park Place Housing Complex
  11. Huma Akasia Housing Complex, Bekasi
  12. Jalan Raya Munjul towards Cibubur
  13. Jalan Sarbini 3, Makassar, East Jakarta
  14. Jalan Inpres V, Kelurahan Gaga, Tangerang
  15. Pondok Ranji Station, Kebayoran Lama
  16. Karawaci Residence Housing Complex
  17. Pinang Griya Permai, Ciledug
  18. Jatipadang 3, Pasar Minggu
  19. KM 8 Toll Jakarta-Serpong
  20. Purebeta Housing Complex, Joglo, West Jakarta
  21. Taman Cibodas Housing Complex, Tangerang
  22. Taman Permata Indah Housing Complex, Penjaringan
  23. Ragunan Sub-District, South Jakarta
  24. Jalan Mawar 4, Taman Cibodas, Tangerang
  25. Blok F in Binong, Curug, Tangerang
  26. Jalan Kemang Selatan IV, South Jakarta

Due to the widespread flooding, the State Electricity Enterprise (PLN) has taken security measures by prioritising public safety.

 “For now, PLN is still alerting 72 posts in the Jakarta area with 2,371 personnel and preparing 103 generators, 20 UPS, 99 mobile substation units, 12 detection vehicle units, and 700 operational vehicle units in this alert condition,”

said the General Manager of PLN Jakarta Raya Distribution Main Unit, Doddy B Pangaribuan.

Doddy added that his team is continuing to work hard and monitor conditions in the field since the extreme weather occurred.  He also appealed to the public to always be aware of the dangers of electricity in the rainy season and during floods.


When the flooding started to recede on Friday night, PLN managed to restore 650 homes with electricity at 10:30pm. However, heavy rains that occurred last night caused flooding to hit the city again.

As of 9am Saturday, 180 distribution stations and 61,320 customers had been affected by the flood.  Meanwhile, as many as 39 distribution substations and 14,473 customers have been successfully restarted by PLN.

Some of the affected areas in Jakarta and Bekasi include:

  • Bintara
  • Jatiasih
  • Kalimalang
  • Cipinang
  • Pondok Gede Permai
  • Fatmawati
  • Kemang
  • Pejaten
  • Warung Buncit
  • Kalibata
  • Pondok Kacang
  • Puri Bintari
  • Jatibening
  • Jatiwarungin
  • Pondok Gede
  • Ciledug
  • Petukangan
  • Pinang Ranti
  • Karet Tengsin

Doddy said that there are conditions that cause electricity to be disabled for safety, namely if residents’ houses are submerged, the PLN electricity network is submerged, or both are submerged.

“PLN will restore electricity at the flood site if all the electricity networks, both on the side of the residents and PLN, are dry and ready for electricity, and both parties sign the minutes of ignition,” he said.

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PLN is continuing to monitor the development of the situation in the locations that are affected and have the potential for flooding, ready to take prompt steps. When water starts to enter a house, residents can independently turn off the electricity from the mini circuit breaker (MCB) at the electricity meter.

Furthermore, residents can contact PLN via the contact centre on 123 or through the PLN mobile application.

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