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The Prominence: Working In An Independent City

One of Alam Sutera’s most renowned office towers; The Prominence, provides an alternative way of working in a city that is free from traffic, pollution and stress. Jakartans should definitely take note.

We have all been there. Getting stuck in traffic the moment we step out of the house for work and then reliving the cycle day after day. The people who slog through the streets of Jakarta can definitely relate to this scenario. The amount of time wasted to travel to the office can be extremely frustrating; but for those who live at Alam Sutera, the long commutes in uncomfortable cars are a distant memory.

Alam Sutera is a city that was built on the concept of independence, and going to work can be a pleasant experience. Located in the Tangerang regency of Banten province, just southwest of the capital city, Alam Sutera allows people to experience a healthful lifestyle and to live in a community surrounded by convenience. Thanks to an abundance of green space and a host of entertainment and business facilities, residents will experience an immediate improvement to their quality of life.

Having good work-life balance at Alam Sutera allows people to travel to their offices in peace, focus on tasks at hand and leave with a feeling of satisfaction after the day is finished. As one of Alam Sutera’s most renowned office towers, The Prominence aims to give companies the opportunity to experience the ultimate working environment. With thirty floors, two basements and 6-storey car park, there is plenty of office space for large companies dedicated to providing their employees with the best ambience.

The Prominence is well-positioned with roughly 20 minutes to Soekarno Hatta International Airport and surrounded by Alam Sutera’s shopping, education and commercial districts. At The Prominence, companies are supported by all modern-day necessities including a coffee shop, a banking hall, a convenience store, smoking areas, high security details and friendly reception staff. It is also equipped with a sophisticated fire alarm system, CCTV and visitor management system. The Prominence also supports a helipad, which may be helpful for distinguished upper management or VIP visits.

Those who enjoy an evening out with friends and colleagues are steps away from the Mall @ Alam Sutera. However, Suteraloop can come to the rescue if one is feeling a little lackluster late in the day. The shuttle bus service is designed to help people reach their destinations with as little travel time as possible. The Prominence is also planning to build its very own sky-dining restaurant, with lovely views.

If you are interested to rent and purchase an office space in The Prominence, please visit or call 021 29779779.


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