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Additional Train Tickets for Eid Season Almost Sold Out

Idul Fitri 2019

The National Railway Company (KAI) has managed to create 29,456 additional tickets for the Eid season in early June. However, most of the additional tickets for the most popular routes have already sold out since the online sales resumed last night, midnight of 6th April.

Most of the economy and business class tickets for the Eid season, starting from D-day minus 7, have been sold out on the KAI official website, KAI mobile app, as well as with the travel agent app Traveloka. Similar conditions also applied to the D-day minus 1 tickets for popular routes such as Jakarta to Yogyakarta, Semarang, Solo, and Surabaya.

At Traveloka, the only available tickets for the Jakarta-Yogyakarta route are for the executive class trains that depart at night, such as the Taksaka Lebaran and the Argo Lawu Fakultatif, with prices ranging from Rp 600,000-650,000. There are only executive class seats left at the Sembarani Lebaran Train for the popular Jakarta-Surabaya route, with ticket prices starting from Rp 750,000.

During the Eid or Lebaran season, a lot of Jakarta’s residents go back to their home towns outside of the city, in a yearly tradition called ‘mudik’. Homecoming travellers who have missed out on the additional train tickets could still purchase advanced train tickets with longer travel times due to transits. However, these tickets are also known to be pricier.

There is an 8 per cent increase in the amount of additional tickets sold by the KAI this year as compared to last year at 27,072.

Source: Kompas
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