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Ways to Save Your Soaked Phone

Soaked phone

Are you a clumsy person and accidentally dropped your phone into the toilet bowl? Did your phone get soaked from the unexpected two-day long flooding in Jakarta and its surrounding areas?

Regardless of whether a phone’s specs state that it’s waterproof, it’s always beneficial to acknowledge the best ways to save a soaked phone. Tech Advisor had shared several tips to recover phones splashed with water, which is maybe useful to keep in mind during this rainy season.

Firstly, do not turn on the phone, instead keep it off. Do not attempt to revive it, because the components in the phone have an electric flow through the battery. Electricity is very unfriendly when in contact with water. If left on, other components of the phone will be slowly damaged.

Next, open the entire cover of the phone such as the jelly case or rear casing cover. Remove the SIM card and external memory card too. The following methods are rather unconventional but it’s worth a try.

Put rice into a container then place the wet phone in and let it stand for 24 hours. If the phone is still problematic after this, place it back to the container filled of rice for another 24 hours. Rice has a high absorbency factor when it comes to water. Using silica gel can be as effective as using rice, using the same method. Silica gel is famous as a good moisture absorbing substance. Lastly, do not use a hair dryer or attempt to dry the phone in direct sunlight because high temperatures can damage some parts of the phone and cause problems in the future.

Source: Detik
Image: Tribun News

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