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Why should every child learn multiple languages?


Language competence is key, not only to educational success but also an excellent foundation to a professional, international career.

According to research, Bilingualism is promoting children’s mental flexibility. There are plenty of advantages to multilingual education, here are some of them:

 Career prospects

Multilingualism provides a competitive edge in today’s job market. 50 percent of an organisation looking for employees want to hire someone fluent in a language other than their own.

Why do children excel at language learning?

Most children have a much greater ability to learn and retain information than adults. Multilingual learning has the biological, chemical, and physical capacity to reorganise the brain’s structure and enhance its function.

Adults also benefit from this not only in the area of language – they often solve problems better than monolingual comparison persons.

Increased networking skills

Multilingual people are better equipped to see the world from different perspectives, therefore enhancing their ability to communicate in today’s global communities.

Enhanced creativity

When learning new languages, you get to look at the world in new ways, describing thoughts and things in a different way, which will flex your creativity.

 Languages at the DSJ

Our graduates speak English, German, and Indonesian at a native or second language level, opening the opportunity to complete university courses conducted in these languages.

German School Jakarta
Does my child need to speak German before enrolling at DSJ?

In short – that will not be necessary. We are happy and able to teach your child, German. Our school welcomes students of all nationalities.

Based on our experience and our successful graduates, we accept students who have no prior knowledge of the German language up until grade 6.

They will receive an individually tailored language course until they are on par with the language level of the class in which they are enrolled.

But, how to learn German in Indonesia?

For students who learn German as a foreign language, skills are built up systematically from Kindergarten to Abitur (graduation). Our German (language) teachers apply in-depth knowledge of modern foreign language didactics and teach the German language in compact learning groups in an age-appropriate manner. Starting with third-grade several subjects are also taught in German. This way, primary school children learn subject-specific contexts by immersing themselves in German. This means that the German language is explicitly taught and learned through all of these subjects.

All lessons take into account individual learning requirements and special needs of each child. We support each child individually, both in class and through additional offers.

It is worth noting that for 12 years, 99 percent of our graduates successfully acquired the Abitur certification – and almost half of them are from a non-German-speaking background.

DSJ – German School Jakarta
To learn more and for admission inquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

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