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Jakarta’s MRT is on Track to Open in 2019

Jakarta MRT Project

Just a little while longer. That’s the message of planners for Jakarta’s MRT. And while construction may have turned Jakarta’s already crammed thoroughfares such as Jl Rasuna Said and Jl Fatmawati into parking lots there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

“If progress keeps going like this, we hope that by the end of 2017, (about) 90 percent of the construction will be finished,” said President Director of PT MRT Jakarta William P Sabandar, according to Okezone.

“We’re grateful to people who live around Fatmawati for being understanding and letting the developer hold the construction while disturbing the convenience in the area.”

Jakarta’s above- and- below ground mass rapid transit is on track to begin operation by early 2019. Already, more than two-thirds of work had been completed as of March 31. The nearly 16-kilometer rail line will begin operating by March 2019, Sabandar said.

Most of the tunneling for the first phase has been completed. Work on stations will be largely complete by late 2018. From there authorities will test the network for three months before the first passengers board a carriage.

The first phase, including 13 stations, will serve the route linking Lebak Bulus, in South Jakarta with Bundaran HI near Plaza Indonesia. From there, planners will expect to open a line stretching north to Kampung Bandan in North Jakarta a year later.

Even so, Sabandar said planners are still waiting for permission from local government authorities in North Jakarta. The delay may have knock-on effects for the project forcing planners to find an alternate route.

Planners have a plan B linking Bundaran HI to Ancol if the permits don’t materialize, but at added cost to the project.

“Apart from the Bunderan HI-East Ancol alternative, the Bunderan HI-Kampung Bandan option is still our priority since it will consume less cost and the feasibility test is done. If we continue the plan with this route, we can conduct the basic engineering within a year,” Sabandar added.

“This month will be the last chance to submit objections regarding the project. The plan for the Bunderan HI-Kampung Bandan route plan is already with the State Ministry for Development Planning. We hope for it to run as scheduled,” Sabandar said.

The developer also called on local government to issue regulations governing business operations near the rail network. The planners want to ensure passengers have access to shops, cafes and other amenities that would appeal to commuters in any city.

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Image credits: Berita Daerah, Tempo

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