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Most Popular Jet Destinations All Over the World


More often than not when you open your browser once in a while you will see airline ads that offer cheap flights to certain destinations that are perfect for a little getaway from the busy city you live in.

As air travel becomes more accessible to all people, airports start to become more crowded and flight cancellations and delays are becoming more frequent. So people with so much money to spare turn their back to A320’s and choose another travel method which is private jets.

The number of private jets jumped 10% in 2018 according to data found by Bloomberg. Who wouldn’t want a super comfy and convenient flight? According to an expert from, a private jet isn’t just for people with black cards and a pocketful of cash, but it is for all who want to fly anywhere and have a remarkable experience. Being on a private jet will cut out all the hassles that come with flying commercially.

Here are some of the destinations people can reach with a private jet.

1.   Bahamas

The Bahamas is one of the top tourist destinations in the entire world and also happens to be the number one destination travelers love to visit the most. It has nearly 700 beautiful islands and lots of beachside properties to choose from. The beaches have crystal white sands and pink sand beaches, a perfect and ideal Instagram backdrop for the tourists. The island offers a wide variety of outdoor activities like diving, experiencing its glistening waters, swimming with the sharks, and exploring the corals beneath.

Doing all these activities surely makes you hungry and the Bahamas is ready to satisfy your hunger with their local cuisine and its incredible choices of food. One of its specialties is the famous Conch Salad, which is made up of fresh vegetables, hot peppers, and citrus. Making it the best Caribbean destination for all.

2.   Mallorca

Mallorca is part of Spain, but it’s a gorgeous Mediterranean island with beautiful weather, the stunning scenery of cliffs, the picturesque coastline with crystal clear waters, delicious cuisines, and tourist attractions like medieval churches and ancient castles make it a top destination for tourists.

Catedral de Mallorca and Castillo de Bellver are just two of Mallorca’s top tourist destinations, situated in a beautiful capital city, Palma de Mallorca. Two impressive landmarks, give this city an edge to other capitals in Europe.

Catedral de Mallorca was built during the 13th century and completed during the 17th century, with its gothic facade, stained-glass window, awe the tourists and enjoy the magnificent view of the bay. Castillo de Bellver is located on a hilltop three kilometres from its capital, Palma de Mallorca. It is once an image of a royal stronghold and stays up to this day.

3.   Ibiza

Ibiza is a small island but gifted with amazing sights, attractions and things to do. Ibiza is known as one of the best places to party. When someone thinks of Ibiza, the first thing that will pop-up in their mind is its wild nightlife and they are not wrong. With a 24-hour club, pool parties, and a gorgeous beach. These places have dance floors and are hosted by some of the world’s most famous DJs.

Since Ibiza is a popular destination, you can find plenty of restaurants that will suit your taste buds and cravings. For your information, Ibiza has Spanish and Mediterranean influence and you can taste it through their food combining with its breathtaking sunsets. Ibiza will definitely capture your heart.

4.   Mykonos

This island gives you a taste of everything. The glamorous island, nightlife, and perfect sunny weather all year round, making it a destination that everyone can enjoy. Every beach in Mykonos has crystal-clear waters and golden sands regardless of what beach you decided to stay in, you will feel like you are in paradise.

If you are looking for a party place in Mykonos you can go to Super Paradise and start to bust the move as early as 4 pm till you drop. For those tourists looking for a perfect picture to post on their Instagram or Snapchat, simply grab your camera and spend your day exploring the place as it offers whitewashed houses.

5.   Barbados

As you exit the airport terminal on the island, you will receive a warm greeting from the friendly Barbadian people who are always welcoming and friendly to their tourists. The warmth of the Bajan people is just one of the beautiful things Barbados can offer and it also adds up to the reason why newlywed couples choose this paradise to spend their honeymoon.

Barbados serenades you by its gently breaking waves from the Caribbean Sea as you walk along on its pristine beaches. Barbados also gives you a glimpse of a former British colony with its architectural design you can see from old churches and houses creating lasting memories.

Having the ability to visit these places through a private jet is beneficial. Not just because of its free-flowing champagne, comfy seats, but because traveling makes it easier to reach places that are not yet seen.

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