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The Difference Between Commercial and Private Flying

The Difference Between Commercial and Private Flying

There is only a small percentage of people on the planet that have ever flown in a private jet.

These people usually are wealthy because of sport, business, or inheritance and have the extra money to splash out on something a little more luxurious. But does it have to be for the top earners these days? There are arguments that say flying privately could have its benefits for the average earner. There is, of course, a huge difference between flying commercial and private and that’s what we will have a look at here. 

Cost Vs Time 

When you head to an airport most people will get up much earlier than needed, drive to the airport a good few hours before they need to get their boarding passes, and then get a flight after a good 6 hours wasted. When you charter a private jet, you book it a few hours before and leave with enough time to get to the airport and walk straight onto the plane. No time wasted whatsoever. 

When you compare the two you need to look at how much money your time is worth. If you’re missing out on 6 hours work and you’re a contractor that charges by the hour, that’s a lot of cash lost. When using a private jet cost estimator you can see how much money it would be compared to the time you’ve lost, plus the cost of your ticket. This model won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth thinking about. Private planes work on an hourly basis and if you’re only flying 2 hours and your plane ticket costs $500. It could be worth your while chartering a jet instead. 


There are numerous people that won’t give their privacy a second thought when on a plane, and that’s because they don’t mind being around other people. But in reality, you are sharing a plane with up to 100 other people. Taking a quick nap or getting as comfortable as possible might not be an option when you have two strangers sitting either side of you. 

If you’re wanting to do some work on the plane without people peering over your shoulder then once again it will be difficult on a commercial flight. A private plane will lend its entire space to just you and whoever else you choose to fly with. 

Meal Time

If you’ve chartered a private jet for a reasonably long journey, one that’s long enough to require a meal then as long as you plan in advance, the charter company can organise anything you want. 

Commercial flights, however, don’t give you this luxury unless you’re flying first class. Even then you’re looking at a choice of two options at a push. This can be a struggle for those that suffer from food allergies. 

Flying in a private jet and flying on commercial airlines are worlds apart. The closest thing they have in common is they’re both in the air. Weighing up your options to see which better suits will allow you to make an informed decision. Think about the costs involved, the benefits of each and how urgent your trip is. Maybe even put it on the business card.

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