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A Little Snip of Heaven

Indonesia can be a difficult place to search for an address. It is no longer a surprise to me that 101 is next to 26 and there are three 52’s on a single road. I am not a resident of Bali and whilst looking for Rob Peetoom Hair Spa, a growing sense of frustration had emerged from my third time driving down Jl. Raya Petitenget. When I finally got to the Hair Spa I was admittedly a bit frazzled, but what a great place to claim sanctuary after a bit of a blunder than a place of pampering.

I went to the reception where the immaculately presented Receptionist greeted me with warmth and my anxiety, frustration and stress started melting off from this moment forward. Rob Peetoom Hair Spa is a beautiful place filled with beautiful well-dressed people. The venue is intimate, open and stays very close to nature. A lily pond keeps the reception area company with stone steps leading the way to the salon. I had preconceived notions about what my experience would be like; I had high expectations which Rob Peetoom’s Hair Spa had surpassed.

I was scheduled for a 60-minute treatment and a haircut but found myself a bit nervous about getting my haircut. Everyone has had at least one hair disaster; mine ranging from orange hair, an afro from bonding and a boy’s haircut that reduced me to tears. Over the years my trust in hairdressers thinned and I became less adventurous with styles. Finding a good hairdresser can be difficult. You need to trust that their experience and skills will be compatible with your individual style and translate what you envision into a reality- within reason of course. This I believe is not an easy task and like any form of art, cutting hair is not exempt from subjective opinions.

Hair consultations are the first step of all treatments; a diagnosis of the condition of my hair and what products were to be used to remedy ailments. The 60-minute treatment includes a Hair Shot and Hair Mask, Head, Neck, Back and Hand Massage with Hot Stone Therapy and Foot Reflexology. My hair was dry and frizzy therefore the Extreme and Real Control range from Redken was used to address these issues. Rob Peetoom Hair Spa favours Redken due to its quality. I was guided through each step by a thorough explanation and a brief description. The massage and hot stone therapy rendered me unbent and my hair had regressed to its healthy form.

After the 60 minute treatment, I felt as if everything was going to be okay and the world was indeed happy and carefree, I was then ushered to a chair in the salon to have my haircut. By now I knew that I could relax and just enjoy myself as my hair was in the hands of people whose agenda was to make me look and feel my best as opposed to practising the newest trend on my hair. I was surprised and delighted as Rob Peetoom came over to give me my hair cut. He asked me what I wanted and I said “whatever you think best” which he advised me to be careful saying that to hairdressers who are scissor happy. A trim to cut off my damaged ends and a cut that flattered my face was suggested which is exactly what you want from a haircut. A razor was used to cut my hair which Rob prefers due to the fluidity that it gives and although razors have a mixed reputation it is much like any artist’s choice in tools to express themselves; use the tools that you can control and master to achieve the results you are looking for. After a lovely chat and my hair had been cut, it was then styled perfectly for my face. I was grinning from ear to ear, pleased with a fantastic haircut and a treatment that made me feel wonderful. You would not be able to slap the silly smile off my face.

A great haircut is more than just simply cutting hair. It can give you a bounce in your step, twinkle in your eye or even the confidence to rock that meeting with those hard to please clients you have next week. And better yet, even after I have washed my hair, I still am in love with my new haircut! It isn’t only the great service and results that find people making their way to Rob Peetoom Hair Spa. This Hair Spa is the choice for even royalty; you walk out feeling confident, at ease and feeling beautiful after a blissful treatment amongst a tranquil backdrop with privacy. The design and location are unparalleled, which is why Rob has decided to introduce his Hair Spa in beautiful Bali rather than a more profitable Jakarta. This is my new slice of heaven on earth and I will surely be going back to take a break from reality and just feel good about myself.

Rob Peetoom Hair Spa
Petitenget 16 Seminyak
Bali Indonesia
T: + 62 361 738363
E: [email protected]

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