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Tourist Killed in Bali Magic Mushrooms Misadventure

A 23-year-old Singaporean tourist died on Saturday, May 6, after reportedly falling from a balcony in Bali while under the influence of magic mushrooms.

Ong Chee Seng is believed to have fallen from the fifth floor balcony of his Legian hotel room at around 2 am and died instantly.

Singapore media has reported Seng was hallucinating after consuming the recreational psychedelic drug when he fell. A witness said he had tried to stop Seng from jumping, but he broke free.

The friend said the pair had purchased drinks made with the drug at a venue outside of the hotel earlier Saturday evening.

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Monday saying the “Singapore Embassy in Jakarta is rendering consular assistance to the family of the deceased Singaporean.”

The consumption and sale of magic mushrooms attracts the same penalty as marijuana and other drugs, including a maximum 12 years in prison.

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