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Why You Need to Apply for an Exit Permit Only/EPO in Indonesia

Exit Permit Indonesia
Why You Need to Apply for an Exit Permit Only/EPO in Indonesia

If you are a foreigner holding a temporary stay permit (KITAS) in Indonesia, keep in mind that you must apply for an Exit Permit Only (EPO) if you change jobs, leave Indonesia or shift from one form of KITAS to another.

Not doing so can lead to complications such as refusal to allow you to return to Indonesia.

Find out how you need to revoke the documents related to your stay permit as the process of your exit may also affect your return to Indonesia.

When do you have to get an Exit Permit Only (EPO) in Indonesia?

Foreigners who hold a temporary stay permit (KITAS) in Indonesia need to cancel it with an Exit Permit Only before:

  • Leaving Indonesia when the KITAS is expiring, and there is no plan to extend it
  • Deciding to work for a different Indonesian company that provides them a new KITAS
  • Changing the KITAS form (for example, switching from a working KITAS to a retirement KITAS)

How to proceed if your KITAS is about to expire?

While it is common that a visa expires and needs no further attention, take note that a KITAS requires termination once its validity ends. It is your responsibility and part of the KITAS process to cancel it by obtaining an EPO.

The purpose of KITAS cancellation is to return the original documents such as the work permit to the authorities and clear the legal status between you and your sponsor.

Emerhub’s legal consultants will review the information that the immigration officials require and submit your documents to the immigration office on your behalf.

Requirements for cancelling KITAS with EPO from Indonesia

Cancelling your KITAS is obligatory and a part of its process. It is important to file a timely EPO application, particularly if you plan on re-applying for an Indonesian visa. Emerhub can process the EPO for you and only needs the following:

  • Your original passport
  • Copy of your exit flight tickets
  • Original documents related to your KITAS (IMTA, DPKK payment, etc.)

Make sure not to leave this process to the very last minute and start collecting your papers in advance. Emerhub will present the information to the immigration in one set and begin with the EPO processing around two weeks before your departure from Indonesia.

How to cancel your KITAS from abroad

If you have already left Indonesia without submitting documents for an EPO stamp, you should now apply for an Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP). If you have the intention to re-enter Indonesia, it is essential to settle everything with your old KITAS permit.

Here is what Emerhub needs to proceed with an ERP and finalise your KITAS:

  • Copy of your flight tickets
  • Copy of the exit stamp in your passport
  • Original documents related to your KITAS (IMTA, DPKK payment, etc.)

Frequently asked questions about EPO in Indonesia

There are plenty of questions that Emerhub regularly receives about EPO and its procedures. Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below.

#1 When should I submit an EPO application?

Processing the exit permit takes around three to five working days (excluding public holidays). Once the EPO is ready and you have a stamp in your passport, you must leave Indonesia within five days.

According to the law, there is no obligation to process EPO immediately after resigning from your previous company. It only applies if your working permit is still valid. You can obtain the Exit Only Permit during the time you are still in Indonesia.

However, if you are already abroad and did not cancel your KITAS before leaving, you must apply for an Exit Re-entry Permit (ERP).

#2 What information does Emerhub need to process EPO?

All parties must cooperate for the officials to proceed with your EPO. For example, suppose that you have a KITAS sponsored by a company. In this case, you as well as the company must sign a document that allows you to cancel the KITAS. If one refuses to sign, it is not possible to continue with the EPO.

#3 What is the primary purpose of EPO in Indonesia?

The chief purpose of the EPO process is for the foreign national to return the required immigration documents to the officials and receive a stamp in their passport as proof. The bottom line behind the regulation is that the immigration authorities are collecting the original documents related to KITAS. For example, they wish to receive your actual work permit (IMTA), etc. Thus, we must stress how important it is not to skip any steps when you apply for a KITAS.

Some agents suggest keeping your original documents with them – do so only if you find that safe. If you are unable to present the original documents related to your KITAS, the immigration officials may decline the EPO application altogether.

If you think about applying for a new KITAS, note that it is never wise to accept an offer that promises to process your documents unrealistically fast. It commonly comes at the expense of skipping some steps, and this leaves you without the paperwork you need in the future. Emerhub’s legal team is up-to-date with the most recent regulations and will process all necessary documents when submitting your KITAS application.

#4 What happens if I leave Indonesia without cancelling my KITAS?

There won’t be any problems with leaving Indonesia with a valid KITAS as you are allowed to travel. Another story is when your KITAS expires while you are abroad and you plan on taking no further actions to cancel it.

When returning to Indonesia, you can face a lot of trouble, once the immigration officials realise that you haven’t cancelled your previous KITAS. Be ready to answer a lot of questions.

However, keep in mind that they also have the authority not to allow you to enter Indonesia.

KITAS holders sometimes have the false impression that by avoiding an overstay in Indonesia and leaving during visa validity time they are settled with no further commitments.

But the immigration office is diligent, and it is risky to leave a KITAS without an EPO or ERP. Especially if you plan on returning to Indonesia.

#5 Will my KITAS expire once I go work at another Indonesian company?

Another common myth is believing that your initial KITAS expires when you change an employer and apply for a new KITAS. Although moving from one company to another may seem like a swift movement, it requires an EPO submission.

You still need to cancel your current KITAS in cooperation with your initial employer. Once that has been done, and you have EPO, you can move forward with the new KITAS permit.

Contact us [email protected] and we will assist you in applying for an EPO in Indonesia or ERP while you are abroad. In case any of your questions are still left unanswered, kindly leave them below.

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