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2019 Clean Up Jakarta Day: Tackling the Capital City’ Prolonged Waste Crisis


Indonesia Expat hosted Clean Up Jakarta Day, with activities across numerous locations around the city on 25th August.

Clean Up Jakarta Day gives everyone in the city the chance to get involved to clean up in the spirit of co-operation.

By bringing communities together to pick up litter and make areas tidier, the event aims to build awareness of the environment and each person’s duty to do their part in maintaining the place they call home. There were a total of 55 sites being targeted for Clean Up Jakarta Day, spread around the metropolis.

“There are 10,000 people who have registered directly with us. This does not include those who have registered through the city government, “said Destania Ika Putri, Clean Up Jakarta Day 2019 coordinator. Participants are from a diverse range of backgrounds, with schools, community organisations, local businesses, embassies, and concerned individuals all preparing to help the efforts. Social media has been harnessed to bring in more stakeholders to enable to citywide cleanup.

This is the seventh annual Clean Up Jakarta Day event being held by Indonesia Expat. Speaking of the event, coordinator Destania said, “What sets this year’s CUJD apart from previous years is our collaboration with a recycling company, they will manage the waste that will be collected to ensure the day has a strong impact.”

Destania discussed the challenges faced by such an event; “We need to let every household know the importance of sorting their waste in the home before it gets thrown out. The long-term aim is to bring this message to families so that every home sorts out their recyclables themselves, this is the end goal of the socialisation of waste management.”

The biggest hope for this year’s clean-up efforts is a decline in the amount of rubbish that is collected. According to Destania, this would indicate that less waste is being produced in the first place, and hopefully an increase in community awareness of recycling and appropriate waste disposal.

For the organizers of Clean Up Jakarta Day, the 2019 cleanup was a huge success. The next step is to educate, instill positivism and apply responsible waste management principles; the general populace should be encouraged to apply the skills they learn on Clean Up Jakarta Day and use these principles on a daily basis. There is no way to reduce the volume of trash in the city without daily vigilance.

2019 Clean Up Jakarta Day is made possible by Gold Sponsors Marquee and Aqua.

The event is supported by Jakarta Provincial Government, Environmental Services of Jakarta, Grand Whiz, VERY, Santa Fe, and Abu&Co.

We also thanked our media partner: Kumparan,, Intisari, National Geographic, Saya Pilih Bumi, CNN, Media Informasi, Nawala Karsa, Hai, and What’s New Jakarta.

For those who are interested in volunteering for next year’s cleanup, please visit or send an email to [email protected].

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