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Two Different Tickets Applying at Borobudur Temple

tickets Borobudur Temple
Two Different Tickets Applying at Borobudur Temple

The Director of the Borobudur, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko (Persero) Temple Tourism Parks,  Edy Setijono and Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo have clarified the government’s recent plan to increase prices to visit Borobudur temple.  

Setijono explained that foreigners intending to climb the stairs of Borobudur temple are required to pay an extra US$100 or Rp1.4 million, a fee charged on top of the entrance fee to the temple’s complex, which remains at US$25. This means the total cost to enter the park and climb to the top of the temple will be $125.

For local tourists, the extra fee of Rp750,000 is applicable to climb up the temple while entering the temple grounds remains at Rp50,000. The total price for entrance fees and to climb to the top will be Rp800,000.

These different ticket pricings are due to the planned quota system of 1,200 visitors per day being allowed to climb up the Borobudur Temple. 

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo added that the increased prices are related to the current rules where visitors are only allowed on the temple’s grounds. 

“People who go to Borobudur at the moment are not allowed to go up to the temple, yet people are still coming to go up to the temple. It was conveyed that there would be a management scheme with control through tariffs. Those who go there are really regulated. Not all who come can go up,” explained Pranowo.

He also believes that this policy will not harm traders around Borobudur Temple.

“The grounds entrance ticket and the ticket to climb up are two different things. Many visitors still come to Borobudur these days despite the prohibition to climb up,” he pointed out

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