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Tired Czech Tourists Seeking to Rest Overnight in Village Patrol Post

Czech Tourists
Tired Czech Tourists Seeking to Rest Overnight in Village Patrol Post. photo:

Two foreigners from the Czech Republic named Roman, 24, and Lubomir, 24, shocked local residents in a remote village in Dawolong,  Karangnunggal District, Tasikmalaya Regency on Monday 5th September 2022 when seeking to rest overnight in a village patrol post. 

The two foreigners became a public spectacle because it was the first time local residents had seen foreigners in their village. Roman and Lubomir strayed to the patrol post and took a break. 

None of the people at the patrol post could speak English, so they finally called a woman named Diana Prihatin, 40, a resident who does speak English. According to Diana, the two foreigners arrived at the patrol post at sunset.  

The pair were tired and took a break there. They claimed to have explored the Tasikmalaya area and would stay one night at the patrol post.

Diana added, that the two foreigners confirmed that on Tuesday,  they would depart from Tasikmalaya to Jakarta. Because it was getting late and more and more people came to the patrol post to see the foreigners, finally they were given a place to rest in a resident’s house and were given food.  

It was getting more and more crowded,” she said.

Anticipating a fuss and due to the increasing number of people present, local residents immediately reported it to the police. Police officers from the Karangnunggal Police of the Tasikmalaya Police immediately went to the location of the patrol post and checked the identities and state documents of the two foreigners who are confirmed to have official passports and documents.

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