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Mystical Warning Sign Rang from Kulkul Pejenengan

Mystical Warning Sign Rang from Kulkul Pejenengan

The people of Klungkung, Bali heard sounds from Kulkul Pejenengan at the Puri Agung Klungkung during the night of the Pengerupukan ceremony (symbolised as cleansing nature).

According to local religious and cultural figure, Dewa Ketut Soma, the voice of Kulkul Pejenengan (Lanang-Wadon) in the Puri Agung Klungkung has magical powers. Based on an old story, the magical power was able to connect the energy of Mount Agung, the ancestor of Puri Agung along with Queen Gede on Nusa Penida.

Locals believe that the Kulkul sounds are a warning sign of danger, both coming for nature and humans so that the community would be vigilant.

Such warnings are usually followed by instructions to conduct special rituals, according to the type of disaster to come.

For example, when a large-scale plague occurs, believers are asked to colek pamor or placing a swab of white paint-like in front of their houses. Prevention is done from scratch because the plague is not visible, similar to the coronavirus outbreak.

A sign caused by human behaviour is also considered a disaster. Sounds from the Kulkul Pejenengan were also heard in the lights of the Bali Bomb I and Bali Bomb II incidents. The community was then asked to hang pineapples – identical to grenades – as a sign of danger that is lurking in humans.

This means that the voice of Kulkul Pejenengan in the Puri Agung Klungkung has proven a lot of major events, from ancient times to present.

However, the sounds can only be heard by certain people.

“Associating the voice of Kulkul Pejenengan with the current situation, follow the directions from the local government to stay at home, reduce travels, and take preventive efforts. This includes religious ceremonies and customary activities that involve many people to be temporarily postponed or conducted without involving many people,” said Dewa Soma.

Installing pandan leaves and garlic, equipped with yellow-white rice in front of the house can also be done as a negative spirit repellent. Or it can also be equipped with Tridatu yarn as a balanced flame, water, and wind.

Source: Bali Post

Image: Bali Puspa News

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