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The recently arrested French paedophile has died in hospital after hanging himself

The recently arrested French paedophile has died in hospital after hanging himself

Francois Abello Camille, a French sexual predator who abused 305 minors, has hanged himself in his cell. Camille spent three days in hospital before dying of his injuries.

“On the night of Thursday 9th July, prison guards were on patrol and found Francois tied to a cable. He used his body weight so he couldn’t be fully hanging from that cable, ” said the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police Public Relations Commissioner, Yusri Yunus.

The cable was found in the cell. Francois climbed on to the bathroom wall to grab the cable and then wrapped it around his neck. “The cable was placed quite high, but he reached it. People shorter than Francois couldn’t possibly take it,” continued Yusri.

The officers took Camille to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital in East Jakarta where he was reported to be in a weak condition. “He was treated for three days. He then died at 8pm last night. We are conducting an investigation ito the guard officers too,” said Yusri.

Head Division of Health Doctor (Kabidokkes) of the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Police, Chief Commissioner Umar Shahab explained that when Francois arrived at the ER in Kramat Jati Hospital, procedures were performed according to the existing standards of practice but he was eventually taken to the ICU because his condition was worsening.

“These actions were taken as we attempted to prepare efforts to save his life,” he explained.

According to Shahab, the body is still in Kramat Jati Hospital. He said he was coordinating with the French Embassy in Jakarta regarding the follow-up to be taken.

Shahab continued, that he couldn’t yet ascertain the cause of death since an autopsy has not been carried out on the victim’s body. “We have not carried out an autopsy because there has been no request for an autopsy. The diagnosis from the doctor who treated him was clear; based on the results of an x-ray that there were cracks in his spine around the neck that caused the marrow to be snared, causing oxygen supply to the brain and important organs to decrease. That was what caused his death,” he explained.

The police categorised Camille’ actions as economic and sexual exploitation. Of the 305 victims of sexual harassment, the police were only able to register 19 people because most of the victims were minors.

Camille committed his crimes in three different hotel rooms that were transformed into a studio where he prepared a hidden camera to record intercourse from December 2019 to June 2020. He would abuse his victims and then paid Rp250,000-1 million each time.

French Tourist Sexually Abused 305 Indonesian Children

If a child resisted his actions, he would then hit or kick the victim. Afterwards, Francois asked the victim to persuade his peers to be invited to the hotel, so that he can repeat his actions.

Source: Tirto and Liputan 6

Image: Pikiran Rakyat

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