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The Happiest and Unhappiest Provinces in Indonesia

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The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has released the 2021 Happiness Index.

The data includes a list of the happiest and unhappiest provinces in Indonesia.

The Happiness Index is measured through the Happiness Level Measurement Survey (SPTK) which is conducted every three years. There are three elements that are taken into account, namely life satisfaction, feelings, and the meaning of life.

In the results, Indonesia’s Happiness Index in 2021 rose 0.8 to 71.49 compared to 2017. Men are happier than women, at 71.96 compared to 71.04.

In addition, the higher the level of education, the higher the level of one’s happiness. People with Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees as their highest level of education have the highest levels of happiness compared to others.

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The picture is similar for income; the higher the income, the higher the happiness rating. People who have income above Rp7.2 million have the highest happiness levels compared to incomes below Rp7.2 million.

The happiness index in Indonesia is also reported by province. The provinces with the happiest people are North Maluku, North Kalimantan, Maluku, Jambi, and North Sulawesi. Meanwhile, the provinces with the least happy people in Indonesia are Banten, Bengkulu, Papua, West Nusa Tenggara and West Java.

The following is the full Happiness Index of the provinces in Indonesia:

  1. North Maluku 76.34
  2. North Kalimantan 76.33
  3. Maluku 76.28
  4. Jambi 75.17
  5. North Sulawesi 74.96
  6. Riau Islands 74.78
  7. Gorontalo 74.77
  8. West Papua 74.52
  9. Central Sulawesi 74.46
  10. Southeast Sulawesi 73.98
  11. East Kalimantan 73.49
  12. South Kalimantan 73.48
  13. West Sulawesi 73.46
  14. Kep Bangka Belitung 73.25
  15. Central Kalimantan 73.13
  16. South Sulawesi 73.07
  17. West Kalimantan 72.49
  18. South Sumatra 72.37
  19. East Java 72.08
  20. Riau 71.80
  21. Central Java 71.73
  22. DI Yogyakarta 71.70
  23. Lampung 71.64
  24. Bali 71.44
  25. West Sumatra 71.34
  26. Aceh 71.24
  27. DKI Jakarta 70.68
  28. North Sumatra 70.57
  29. East Nusa Tenggara 70.31
  30. West Java 20.23
  31. West Nusa Tenggara 69.98
  32. Papua 69.87
  33. Bengkulu 69.74
  34. Banten 68.08

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