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Tegalalang Ubud’s Ngerebeg Tradition Now an Intangible Cultural Heritage

ngerebeg tradition
Tegalalang Ubud’s Ngerebeg Tradition Now an Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Education, Culture, Research and Technology Ministry has determined the Ngerebeg Tradition in Tegalalang Village, Gianyar, Bali to be an intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia.

The certificate of determination was handed over by the Deputy Regent of Gianyar, Anak Agung Gde Mayun, to the traditional village leader of Tegalalang, I Made Kumarajaya, during the Piodalan – a Balinese traditional ceremony – at Duur Bingin Temple in Tegalalang Village which coincided with the holding of the Ngerebeg tradition.

By establishing the Ngerebeg tradition as an intangible cultural heritage of Indonesia, it is hoped that this showcase can encourage communities to preserve other cultural activities. 

Its development and utilisation will also be a very valuable legacy for future generations,” said Mayun on Wednesday, 13th July 2022.

The Ngerebeg tradition is a ceremony which is held the day before the piodalan of Duur Bingin Temple in the Tegalalang Traditional Village. It’s carried out every six months based on the Balinese calendar system, to be precise at Wraspati Umanis Pahang.

Tegalalang Ricefields

Rituals from this tradition are carried out by children and teenagers whose bodies are covered with various scary decorations. They also follow the procession around the village while carrying penjor decorations made from bark and midrib of jaka or palm leaves.

The Ngerebeg ritual procession means neutralising negative influences and for the welfare of the community. In addition, as a thank you to Ida Sanghyang Widhi Wasa,concluded the traditional village leader of Tegalalang, I Made Kumarajaya.

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