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The Current Visa Situation for Foreigners in Indonesia

The Current Visa Situation for Foreigners in Indonesia

Unprecedented times are upon us and it is by no means an exaggeration to admit, the COVID-19 pandemic will forevermore affect the way people travel, how we view viruses and how we protect our health and economy.

During this period of uncertainty, the Indonesian Government has done its utmost to look after the safety of its population and contain the virus; however, in the beginning – visa information and regulations were sporadic at best. The rules book was thrown out the window and information changed daily.

In recent weeks, the information has remained relatively stable, so in this article from LetsMoveIndonesia, we will look at what is the situation right now (as of 14th May 2020) for all visa types.

Who can currently enter Indonesia:

As of right now, it is extremely challenging for foreigners to enter Indonesia. As listed in The Minister of Law and Human Rights Regulation No. 11 Year 2020 on the Temporary Prohibition for Foreigners Entering the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

The only people allowed to enter Indonesia are:

  1. Foreign Holders of Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) and Permanent Stay Permit KITAP).
  2. Foreign Holders of Diplomatic and Service Visa.
  3. Foreign Holders of Diplomatic Stay Permit and Official Stay Permit.
  4. Medical and Food aid and support personnel. This is based on the humanitarian purpose.
  5. Sea, Air and Land Transportation Crews.
  6. Foreigners who will work at National Strategic Projects. tory of the Republic of Indonesia

Excluded foreigners must meet the following requirements:

  1. Present a health statement in the English language which issued by the health authorities of their respective country
  2. Must have stayed for 14 (fourteen) days in an area/country which is not affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. (Please note that this was the original requirement, but as it is unlikely to travel from any country with no reported cases, this has been overturned)
  3. Statement of willingness to enter quarantine for 14 (fourteen) days in facilities provided by the Indonesian government.

Additional Note: If you have collected your Telex at an Indonesia Embassy overseas; however, have not been back to Indonesia to convert it to a KITAS, you will not be allowed to enter the country.

When will the travel restrictions be relaxed?

We are currently awaiting further instruction from the government on the travel restrictions. As soon as we know for sure, we will update the LetsMoveIndonesia COVID-19 article and our social media outputs. Please feel free to regularly check our site or follow our social media.

Applying for a Visa to Visit Indonesia

Currently, the Indonesian Immigration Authorities are no longer processing new visas to Indonesia, until otherwise stated.

Visa Extension:

If you are located in Indonesia and your visa has expired, you do not need to worry as all foreigners are provided with the automatic stay permit as outlined in the infographic below. (Provided by the Immigration Authorities).

When will the automatic extensions end?

We cannot be certain exactly when the Immigration Authorities will relax the travel ban or when the Emergency Stay Permits will end. Early signs are pointing towards 29th May; however, this will be down to the authorities to decide whether they will extend this period.

If you have applied for your visa and you are overseas, what should you do?

As with the renewals, Immigration authorities have also put in place extensions for those that had their Visa Approval (Visa Telex) granted after the 1st January 2020, as outlined in the infographic below.

Additional Notes – Don’t get scammed!

Many agencies have tried to monetize the situation and are trying to exploit foreigners by charging fees for extensions. There are no emergency fees at this time. If an agency asks for a fee, walk away and find yourself a more trustworthy agent.

At LetsMoveIndonesia, we have persistently been at the forefront of updating information to the public. To see continued updates, you can visit our site: or follow our social media platforms.

About the LetsMoveIndonesia:

LetsMoveIndonesia was founded by Gary Joy a British Expatriate in 2016. They were the first agency in Jakarta to openly advertise their Visa & Company Establishment prices and are the recognized trendsetters of expatriates services due to their ethical values which have transformed the market.

Their main focus of business is Visa Services, Company Establishment, Tax & Accountancy and Real Estate Rentals in Central & South Jakarta.

If you have any questions or require a free consultation, then contact them at E: [email protected] T: +62 21 300 297 27 or visit them in their office in Bellagio Mall Mega Kuningan – the first walk-in agency in Jakarta.

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