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Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta Welcomes Chinese New Year Celebrations

Crispy Roasted Duck

To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta welcomes the year of the Rat on 25th January 2020 with a series of special treats and significant events.

In Chinese culture, the rat signifies wealth and abundance and the Chinese New Year is a celebration of a new beginning and a bright new day.

Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta invites our guests to enjoy a series of delectable dining selections offering extraordinary gastronomic flavours. JIA, the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, will prepare an array of culinary delights in honour of the Chinese New Year and the Cap Go Meh tradition. Guests are invited to indulge in our Chinese New Year set menus starting on 18th January until 8th February 2020, Xin Nian Kuai Le at Rp1,188,000++ per person and Gong Xi Fa Cai at Rp1,388,000++ per person.

To ring in the new beginnings that the Chinese New Year day signifies, JIA has also prepared a premium ‘all you can eat’ lunch, starting at Rp428,000++ per person.

The Chinese New Year tradition would not be complete without culinary favourites such as crispy roasted duck and crispy suckling pig. The crispiness of the skin combined with the tender, succulent meat makes for a bite of deliciousness. Prices start at Rp508,000++ for crispy roasted duck and Rp1,628,000 ++ for crispy suckling pig.

Yu Sheng

Yu Sheng, also known as prosperity tossed salad, is a mandatory traditional Chinese dish to enjoy during the New Year, because it symbolises a wish for abundance and prosperity in the coming year. JIA offers a small Yu Sheng at Rp228,000++ and a large Yu Sheng for Rp428,000++. These special Chinese New Year offerings are available from 18th January until 8th February 2020.

To complete the Chinese New Year celebration, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta presents a traditional lion dance on Chinese New Year’s Eve as well as on Chinese New Year Day. The lion dance performance will be showcased in all restaurants and the God of Fortune will deliver chocolates that symbolise luck and prosperity to all guests.

To welcome the Year of the Rat, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta has prepared a variety of Chinese New Year hampers and goodies. “Longevity” with smiley cookies, almond cookies, home-made chili oil, cashew nuts with honey, and sparkling juice is priced at Rp1,088,000 net, and “Prosperity” with almond cookies, home-made XO sauce, cashew nuts with honey, chicken floss, and red wine, at Rp1,188,000 net. JIA also presents a Koi fish-shaped Nian Gao to gift to your loved ones priced at Rp488,000 net. Based on the Chinese legend, Koi fish symbolise success and luck. These special hampers and Nian Gao are available to order from JIA Restaurant from 10th to 26th January 2020.

Nian Gao

May the Year of the Rat bring us a wonderful life, abundant wealth, happiness, and prosperity throughout the New Year!

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