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Sahur On the Road Riots Shock Jakarta

Sahur on the Road (SOTR) has been marred with violence this year, with reports of assaults and even deaths as police and Muslim community leaders calling for calm.

Sahur, the early morning pre-fasting meal, is usually taken at home with family, but SOTR is on the road with friends and community groups.

A SOTR even in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, ended in a riot early Monday morning, June 19, around 2.40 a.m. with 13 young people suffering stab wounds.

Central Jakarta Police Chief Commissioner Suyudi Ario Seto told Detik on Monday, June 19, the suspects had passed by Jalan Penjernihan in Tanah Abang in a large group on motorbikes with flags.

“The perpetrator rode a motorcycle and carried a flag (before) suddenly attacking the group using a sharp weapon,” Suyudi said.

On Saturday, June 17, a separate group of youths involved in SOTR attacked officers from the Indonesian Army in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta. Private Soldier Ananda Puji Santoso, 22-years-old, underwent hospital treatment for stab wounds to the stomach, as reported by Tempo.

“While the victim was having coffee with friends, a group carrying out sahur on the road approached and shouted rudely,” Seto said on Sunday, June 18.

Santoso asked the group what they wanted, before the quickly turned on the officer and chased him. He was stabbed after falling during the pursuit. He was taken to the Hermina Hospital nearby, while the attackers fled.

At 3:30 am, Seto said clashes broke out in the same area. Around 15 motorcyclists loitered in the area and approached residents, before a fight eventually broke out with another group.

Additionally, a speeding white Daihatsu Ayla killed 18-year-old Andrian Dwi Nanda and injured 32-year-old Abdul Kosim after ramming a crowd. Both suffered severe head injuries. The driver exited the car before firing a gun into the air and fleeing towards Ancol, North Jakarta.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has criticised the SOTR riots. With Chairman of the Central Missionary Commission KH Cholil Nafis saying: “SOTR is done to share the pleasure of fasting.”

Nafis called for an end to SOTR if it continues to end in chaos.


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Image credits: Berita 168

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