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Russian Woman Goes Viral Exposing Ganesha Tattoo on Thigh

Ganesha Tattoo
Russian Woman Goes Viral Exposing Ganesha Tattoo on Thigh.

A woman from Russia has gone viral after posting a sexy pose showing a tattoo of Ganesha on her right thigh.

The foreigner went viral after the Head of the Central Executive Board of Political Party Nasdem, Ni Luh Djelantik, uploaded a screenshot of the Russian woman’s photo along with her Instagram account information.

After the image of her Ganesha tattoo spread across the Indonesian corner of the internet, the woman who owns the account, named @jullisoul, is no longer able to be traced. 

Ni Luh Djelantik explained that Ganesha is more appropriate to be depicted above the head considering the symbol of the Hindu god who brings prosperity and wisdom. 

The figure of a god in the form of a human with the head of an elephant is highly respected by the Hindu community in Bali and so its placement on the thigh smacks of religious humiliation. 

Ni Luh Djelantik added a further caption that tattoo makers on the Island of the Gods should thoroughly investigate first when getting orders from customers and explain to them if the requested image is a sacred image.


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