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Russian Tourists Fall into Deep Ravine in Bali


Two tourists were hospitalised after falling into a 10 metre deep ravine in Pecatu, North Kuta, Bali, on Wednesday afternoon, around 1.40pm.

30 year old Sergey Neginskiy and 28 year old Alena Veronina, both from Russia, were riding on a motorbike together on Jl. Blimbing Sari Pecatu, North Kuta, when they lost control of the vehicle and fell into a ravine.

The Denpasar National Search and Rescue Agency deployed a team to rescue them from the ravine. The team arrived at the scene at around 2.15pm. Both were suffering from asphyxia when the team found them and so they were given emergency respiratory care.

Ida Bagus Surya Wirawan, a senior officer from the agency who took part in the rescue mission told the media: “The rescue process took more than one hour. We deployed 12 personnel and some equipment.”

The rescue also involved police, a medical team from a community health center (Puskesmas) and residents.

“The victims were taken to the Nusa Dua BIMC Hospital, Badung, Bali, using the KBS Ambulance to get further help,” said Surya Wirawan.

Source: Merdeka

Photo: Istimewa

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