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Bali Presents 89.75% COVID-19 Recovery Rate

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The recovery rate for COVID-19 patients in Bali has reached 89.75 percent as of Friday 23rd October, compared to a national rate of 79.8 percent.

Dewa Made Indra, the head of the Bali COVID-19 Task Force, said that there were an additional 78 recovered patients, 78 confirmed cases and 6 deaths today.

The current total of recovered cases in Bali is 10,055 people. Indra also noted that there is currently a 3.22% death rate. Meanwhile, there are 787 people, or 7.02% of COVID-19 patients, that are being treated at the 17 dedicated referral hospitals in Bali for quarantine.

The Governor of Bali recently issued a regulation that allows for administrative sanctions against violators of health protocols. Fines of up to Rp1million may be handed out to businesses or other public facilities.

It was further noted that efforts to control and prevent the pandemic are not only tasks of the government, but those of the whole community too. The governor noted that to avoid COVID-19 transmission, tajen and traditional village activities must be stopped.

“Let us support the government’s efforts with disciples in implementing health protocols, reminding each other, taking care of ourselves and the environment so that we can finally be free from this pandemic,” said Indra.

Source: BaliBisnis

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