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Russian Arrested and Taken to Mental Hospital

Russian mental
Russian Arrested and Taken to Mental Hospital. Photo:

A Russian known as Alexei T has been arrested by the Ubud Police, Gianyar, Bali for wandering the street naked in front of Wismaya Homestay on Jalan Raya Mas Ubud.

He pulled the stunt on Saturday 27th August 2022 at around 8:30pm local Bali time, disturbing and concerning residents on the road and its surroundings. They then reported the incident before Alexei was finally arrested.

A number of women who happened to pass by at the location and saw Alexei’s action spontaneously shouted. Some even try to avoid it because they felt uncomfortable.

Alexei also spat at a number of people who passed in front of him. Residents then reminded passers-by to be careful.

The head of the Ubud Police, Police Commissioner I Gusti Ngurah Yudistira, confirmed the incident. He said that after receiving complaints from residents, his team immediately went to the scene to secure the foreigner.

Based on the complaint, our staff went to the scene,” he said on Sunday 28th August 2022.

Police and a Civil Service Police Unit who arrived at the scene after receiving reports from residents tried to approach Alexei. Even though he was angry and resisted, after a while, Alexei was secured and his hands were cuffed. He was then taken to the Mental Hospital in Bangli.

Yudistira and his team also confirmed they were coordinating with the Gianyar Civil Service Police Unit, immigration, the Russian Consulate, and the Bali Mental Hospital in Bangli.

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