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Rp1 million Fine for Foreigners Breaking Health Protocols in Bali

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Rp1 million Fine for Foreigners Breaking Health Protocols in Bali

Foreigners in Bali who are found violating health protocols such as not wearing masks are now in line for a fine of Rp1 million.

Meanwhile, Indonesian citizens are still being fined Rp100,000.

This provision is contained in the Governor of Bali regulation number 10 of 2021 concerning the implementation of discipline and law enforcement of health protocols in efforts to prevent and control COVID-19.

Bali’s Governor, Wayan Koster, said that the new rule had been made because many foreigners were being seen to violate health protocols.

“The central government asked to impose administrative fines on those who violate health protocols,” said Koster.

These fines are contained in chapter IV article 11 paragraph 2, part B, which states that the administrative sanction of Rp1 million is applicable to all foreigners. Sanctions will be given when a foreigner commits the first violation against the health protocols. If they are found in violation of the rules for a second time, they can face deportation.

Both Indonesian citizens and foreigners who violate health protocols can also be subject to sanctions according to the local customary village rules.

Data from the Badung Municipal Police states that between 11th January to 6th March 2021, there were 411 people who were caught breaking rules in operations to enforce health protocols, namely not wearing masks. Of that number, 367 were foreigners and 44 were Indonesian citizens.

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