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Pork Rendang Owner Called by Police to Apologise

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The owner of the nasi Padang business selling pork rendang was brought to the Kelapa Gading Police, North Jakarta, on Friday 10th June 2022 to apologise. 

Kelapa Gading Police Commissioner Vokky Sagala said his team deliberately brought Sergio, the owner of Babiambo Nasi Padang Babi, to ask for information regarding the Padang cuisine mixed with pork ingredients. 

Shortly after being questioned by the police, Sergio apologised to the public for making a fuss about his culinary business. He admitted that he was only trying to innovate by combining Minang culinary specialties with pork to expand the market.

I want to apologise profusely. First to those who feel offended because this is really not meant to offend,” said Sergio.

Sergio admitted that he was just trying to take new directions in the culinary world. His business venture located in Kelapa Gading Timur, North Jakarta, was opened in early 2020, right at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. The business only lasted four months before it was forced to close.

“Because of our limited knowledge, I didn’t know that this would be offensive. I’m very sorry. If we knew from the start it would be like this, we wouldn’t have done it,” explained Sergio.

The Padang cuisine went viral after two members of the Indonesian House of Representatives from West Sumatra, Andre Rosiade and Guspardi, criticised pork rendang being sold. 

Furthermore, West Sumatra Governor Buya Mahyeldi reacted strongly because pork rendang is contrary to the philosophy of the Minangkabau society that’s based on Adat Basandi Syarak-Syarak Basandi Kitabullah (ABS-SBK). This is a philosophy of life that is followed by the Minangkabau community, following Islamic teachings as the only basis and/or guideline for patterns of behaviour in life. 

All dishes using the Padang name are halal food. That is clear,said Mahyeldi on Friday 10th June.

The Governor has also asked the Minangkabau Family Association (IKM) in Jakarta to check whether the restaurant already has a permit from the Department or Sub-Department of Tourism and the Creative Economy.

“In essence, there should be no non-halal Padang cuisine. We have to make sure that all Padang dishes are halal and can be consumed by Muslims. In the future, there must be IKM certification, which ones are original Padang and which are not. Later there will be a sticker,” said the Governor. “That’s why it has to be checked again. Is there a permit? Why use the name Padang? Are they even Padang people or not?”

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