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New COVID-19 Limitations in Badung, Bali Announced by Regent

New COVID-19 Limitations in Badung, Bali Announced by Regent

Following the Instruction of the Minister of Home Affairs number 1 of 2021 concerning enforcement of activity limits for controlling the spread of COVID-19, and the circular of the Governor of Bali Number 1 of 2021 concerning the implementation of community activities in a new era of life in Bali Province,

the Regent of Badung has now issued circular number 17 of 2021 concerning enforcement of activity limits for controlling the spread of COVID-19 in Badung Regency.

Head of Public Relations of the Regional Secretariat of Badung Regency, Made Suardita, said that the letter has been signed by Regent Giri Prasta, dated 8th January 2021. It is addressed to heads of the regional government,  sub-district heads, heads of perumda, village heads, and bandesa adat throughout Badung Regency.

In the letter, Regent Giri Prasta said that there were nine points that needed attention in efforts to control the spread of COVID-19.

  1. Teaching and learning activities to be carried out online, at home.
  2. Operational hours for all business activities are set from 8am to 9pm local time.
  3. Operational hours for public markets and health facilities are exempted from the provisions of point two.
  4. Business owners, managers, organisers, or people in charge of public places or facilities are required to tighten health protocols; not serving visitors who do not use masks and placing a sticker with the words “No Mask, No Service” at the place of business.
  5. Violations of points two and four may be subject to light or medium sanctions, all the way up to business license revocation.
  6. Strengthen testing in the form of a random rapid test in public places including for foreigners.
  7. Sub-districts, villages, wards, and traditional villages are urged to reactivate the COVID-19 task force posts in their respective regions to optimize efforts to prevent and handle COVID-19 through law enforcement by involving the Civil Service Police Unit, Indonesian Army, and Police.
  8. Supervision, control, evaluation, and reporting of the implementation of restrictions on community activities by villages or wards are carried out in stages by the village or sub-district, together with the local customary village mutual cooperation task force through the District COVID-19 Handling Task Force.
  9. This circular letter is valid from 11-25th January 2021 and will be further evaluated according to the development conditions of the COVID-19 case in Badung Regency.

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