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Land Dispute Between Foreigner and Bali Traditional Village Resolved

Land Dispute Between Foreigner and Bali Traditional Village Resolved

The dispute over ownership and utilisation of coastal land between a Dutch foreigner named Ernet Bourt, 85, and the traditional village of Anturan in Bali, has finally come to a positive resolution.

The two parties have finally agreed to end the saga that has been ongoing since 2015 by re-measuring the boundaries of their respective land deeds.

The drama of mutual claims for the coastline began when Ernest Bourt, a Dutch citizen, bought a 1.5-hectare piece of land in Banjar Dinas Munduk, Anturan Village. The land leads to the north coast of ??Bali, including the coastline, all of which is his property and he is entitled to manage it.

On the other hand, the beach is under the authority of the Anturan traditional village. According to Perda No. 4 of 2019, customary villages were given management.

Ernest Bourt fenced his land up to the sea so that villagers were not able to pass along the coast. Meanwhile, village fishermen were also prohibited from activities, meaning they couldn’t put their canoes in front of Ernest’s residence directly facing the beach.

The dispute has finally been resolved after both parties went to mediation by DPC Garda Tipikor Indonesia (GTI) Buleleng and re-measuring the land. The Village Chiefs Officer of Anturan and Traditional (Adat) Villages, Buleleng National Land Agency (BPN), Buleleng Police, and members of DPC GTI Buleleng came down to the location to re-measure the boundaries of the land purchased by Ernest.

Head, or Kelian, of Anturan Traditional Village, Ketut Mangku, admitted that the story of mutual claims of coastal boundaries between the traditional village and Ernest Bourt has indeed been going on for a long time. After his party and Ernest Bourt re-measured the boundary, an agreement has been made.

“There are measurements so it is clear where the respective limits are. No more problems now,” said Mangku.

Ernest is also open to making the coastline a public area with a note to not damage the environment. With this agreement, it is hoped that everybody involved can take advantage of this coastline and help manage it.

Source: Radar Bali

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