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Karma Beach Bali Restaurant Burnt Down

Karma Beach fire
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Karma Beach Bali Restaurant, located within Villa Karma Kandara Resort, Badung Regency, Bali, has burnt down.  

The restaurant caught fire on Sunday 14th November at around 12:30am WITA. It took more than six hours to extinguish the fire that engulfed the restaurant. 

“The fire was brought under control at around 6:10am WITA with extinguishers available at the location and with the help of six BPG (Bali Pecatu Graha) firefighters from Pecatu, Badung Regency,” said Head of Public Relations of Denpasar Police Iptu I Ketut Sukadi.

Sukadi revealed that the fire was difficult to extinguish because the road access to the location was inadequate. As a result, it was difficult for fire engines to reach the scene of the blaze to extinguish the fire.

“Considering that the entire roof of the building was made of reeds, the fire quickly spread and devoured the entire building and the contents of the restaurant,” explained Sukadi.

karma beach

Sukadi said that the South Kuta Sector Police received information about the Karma Beach Bali Restaurant fire on Sunday at around 12:30am WITA. One eye-witness, a 45-year-old with the initials WM, was a security guard at the Karma Kandara Resort, said that the pecalang – a traditional security guard at the Ungasan Traditional Village – was guarding Melasti Beach and saw flames in the Karma Beach area of ??Bali.

Then, the witness also saw red lights above and immediately approached the scene. Arriving at the scene, the witness found Karma Beach Bali Restaurant already on fire.

The witness tried to go down to extinguish the fire but didn’t dare to go down using the elevator, and together with his colleagues, they used the emergency stairs to go to the location,” explained Sukadi.  

The police also received information about the fire from another witness, Ida Ayu Made Armini, 41, who works in human resources development at Villa Karma Kandara Resort. After receiving reports about the fire in the restaurant, which covers an area of about 500 square metres, the witness immediately rushed to the location of Villa Karma Kandara.

“The witness also explained to the GM and all those responsible at Villa Karma Kandara Resort that a fire had occurred at Karma Beach Restaurant while also reporting it to the Badung Regency Fire Department,” said Sukadi.

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