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Jakarta Ranks Third Asian City Most Loving Gym Selfies

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New research has revealed that Jakarta is the third most popular Asian city for a gym selfie, with Dubai ranking the first spot followed by Abu Dhabi.

“Instagram has cemented itself as a source of inspiration for fitness lovers all over the globe, with millions of users posting snaps of their workouts and fitness progress,” said Senior Marketing and E-commerce Manager at, Dan Cartner.

To unveil which places are taking the most photos in the gym per capita, conducted the study by creating a unique #gymselfie score for over 500 global cities by analysing the number of gym-related hashtags and population sizes.

“The Instagram hashtag #gymselfie alone has amassed an impressive 3.3 million posts, so we were curious to find out which cities around the world are most partial to a cheeky post-workout snap. We were delighted to see such a range of countries in Asia’s top 10, and surprised to see Jakarta rank so highly!” continued Cartner.

“As the new year rolls in and resolutions are made across the world, what better time to take to Instagram to share some motivational fitness posts with your friends and family.”

Sports Shoes counted over 1.5 million hashtags on Instagram, looking at #{city}gym and #gym{city} along with their translated counterparts for over 500 cities around the globe. They then analysed the data against the population sizes of each city, in order to give each location a score and reveal which city is most likely to take a photo while at the gym. Any cities that did not bring back data were discounted. All data is correct as of December 2021.

Asian Gym Selfie Hotspots

Jakarta rounds off the top three, with gym-goers snapping a huge 79,564 workout gains compared to its population of 10.9 million.

Meanwhile, Dubai boasts the most Instagram uploads from the gym per person, with a whopping 198,200 posts under the city’s gym-related hashtags, resulting in a #gymselfie score of 67.8 for its population of over 9.21 million. With over 800 gyms in the city, it’s no surprise to see gym-goers celebrate the end of their workout with a celebratory selfie. Gym bunnies in Abu Dhabi follow closely with 17,207 posts under the city’s gym-related hashtags made by its 1.51 million residents.

Top 10 Asian Gym Selfie Hotspots
  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 2,921,376 population with 198,200 hashtags
  2. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: 1,511,768 population with 17,207 hashtags
  3. Jakarta, Indonesia: 10,915,364 population with 79,564 hashtags
  4. Singapore, Singapore: 5,991,801 population with 10,732 hashtags
  5. Bangkok, Thailand: 10,722,815 population with 6,566 hashtags
  6. Hong Kong, Hong Kong: 7,598,189 population with 4,527 hashtags
  7. Mumbai, India: 20,667,656 population with 9,532 hashtags
  8. Delhi, India: 31,181,376 population with14,120 hashtags
  9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 8,210,745 population with 1,693 hashtags
  10. Osaka, Japan: 19,110,616 population with 905 hashtags

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