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Indonesian Maid Jailed in Hong Kong for Streaming Video of Children Bathing

An Indonesian domestic helper was jailed on Monday for three months for publishing a 17-minute live-streaming video of three Hong Kong children naked in the shower on Facebook.

28 year old Yuni Kristiani recorded three of the four children under her care at her employer’s residence on December 1 last year, despite instructions from their mother to never take pictures or videos of them without her authorisation.

The footage concerned began with a close-up of Yuni looking into the camera of her phone – set in the sink cabinet – before she gave way to show a five-year-old boy naked in the bathtub.

Yuni was seen smiling at the camera, while the boy seemed more reluctant as he moved the phone and said: “Don’t picture me.”

The boy was also heard asking if the recording was still on, to which Yuni replied, “No”, before she summoned his seven-year-old twin brother and sister to the bathroom by their full Chinese names and recorded them as they took turns to shower.

The video was brought to her employer’s attention after a neighbour found that it had been shared from a personal Facebook account to a page for complaints against domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Attached to the post was an Indonesian caption meaning “taking shower for baby”.

Yuni has since earned forgiveness from the family as revealed in a mitigation letter, presented after she pleaded guilty to one count of obtaining access to a computer with dishonest intent.

Obtaining access to a computer with dishonest intent is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment.

Source: South China Morning Post

Photo courtesy of South China Morning Post

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