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Vaccines Initially for 18-59 Year Olds Says Government

Vaccines Initially for 18-59 Year Olds Says Government

The vaccines that are being produced in various countries, including the Indonesian red-and-white vaccine, will be for ages 18-59 years, following the global standard.

Minister of Research and Technology and the Head of the National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN), Bambang Brodjonegoro, said that all vaccines have the same effect but there are special considerations, such as the administration of the dose.

“Vaccines for children and the elderly, plus those with congenital diseases, will depend on the results of clinical trials. We have to pay attention to the dosage, whether there is special treatment for these categories,” he said.

It all depends on the results of the first phase vaccine clinical trials. Once the advantages and disadvantages are identified, the vaccines will then be adjusted for children, the elderly, and those with comorbidities.

Meanwhile, the COVID-19 Handling Task Force urged the public to report to a local Health Office (DINKES) if a PCR swab test price exceeded Rp900,000.

“We ask health facility managers to comply with the prices set by the Ministry of Health,” said Professor Wiku Adisasmito, spokesperson for the COVID-19 Handling Task Force.

The Ministry of Health has issued the circular letter numbered HK.02.02/I/3713/2020 concerning the highest tariff limit for an RT-PCR examination, setting the maximum cost for a coronavirus PCR test. It states that the maximum cost for an independent PCR test is Rp900,000.

Wiku emphasised that the price of the swab test has taken into account many aspects, including the financial capacity of health facilities. Moreover, the determination of the price has involved many parties such as the Financial Supervisory and Security Agency (BPKP).

Source: CNBC Indonesia and Detik News

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