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Iconic Board Game ‘MONOPOLY’ to Launch Bali Edition in 2025

Iconic Board Game 'MONOPOLY' to Launch Bali Edition in 2025
Iconic Board Game 'MONOPOLY' to Launch Bali Edition in 2025. Image Source:

Winning Moves is producing MONOPOLY: Bali Edition under the official licence from Hasbro.

With the announcement of MONOPOLY: Bali Edition, the island will become the first location in Indonesia to receive its own, specific MONOPOLY game treatment. Previously, MONOPOLY has launched region-focused board games such as MONOPOLY: Phuket Edition, MONOPOLY: Dubai Edition, and MONOPOLY: Sydney Edition.

We are thrilled to announce an official MONOPOLY game for Bali and hope it can capture the full extent of what Bali has to offer,” Jennifer Lau, Partnerships Manager at Winning Moves, said in a statement. “We want to create a game that not only celebrates its beauty but also educates players about the rich culture and heritage of the island.”

With MONOPOLY: Bali Edition aimed for launch in 2025 and currently under development, Winning Moves is encouraging board game enthusiasts to voice their opinions on which landmarks and traditional activities in Bali should be included in the upcoming board game. Additionally, Winning Moves is inviting local entrepreneurs in Bali to pitch their businesses for possible inclusion in the board game. Any opinions and pitches can be sent to Jennifer Lau by email at [email protected].

Besides MONOPOLY: Bali Edition, Winning Moves is also developing other MONOPOLY editions focusing on niche cities and regions such as Salcombe (England), Chester (England), and Detroit (the United States).

First hitting store shelves back in 1935, MONOPOLY and its varieties have been enjoyed by more than one billion players in 114 countries across the globe. The game is named after the economic concept of a “monopoly,” which refers to the domination of a market by a single entity. In playing MONOPOLY, the objective is to remain financially solvent and force opponents into bankruptcy by purchasing and developing properties. The game was first designed by American board game designer Charles Darrow, based on another board game designed in 1903 by American game designer Lizzie Magie.

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