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Homecoming Around Jabodetabek Allowed with Restrictions

Homecoming Around Jabodetabek Allowed with Restrictions

During the coronavirus pandemic, the government has banned the Idul Fitr homecoming, or mudik, with residents of the city forbidden to go beyond Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

However, people are allowed to return to more local homes, with movement between the regions in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi – known as the Jabodetabek area – still allowed.

Local homecoming, which is still permitted, means residents will still be allowed to visit family members living within the Jabodetabek area. For example, a family living in Kalideres, West Jakarta can visit their family in Cipete, South Jakarta.

The Jabodetabek area is currently implementing large-scale social restriction (PSBB) rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These restrictions must still be followed when returning to a local home.

“Yes, there is no problem with local homecoming in the Jabodetabek area, ” said Head Division of Police Traffic Corps, Kombes Pol Benyamin. The same opinion is shared by the head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Office, Syafrin Liputo.

The rule that must be obeyed when going to a home in the Jabodetabek area is that everyone must wear a mask when out of the house, motorcyclists are only allowed to bring a passenger if they have a note with the same address on their ID cards, and lastly, passengers vehicles must not exceed 50 percent of the carrying capacity.

 “Local homecoming can be done following strict health protocols and adherence to PSBB rules,” said Syafrin.

Until now, the government has only prohibited homecoming out of the Jabodetabek area, according to the rules issued by President Joko Widodo on 21st April 2020. The prohibition of homecoming came into for on 24th April 2020 at midnight. Sanctions applied include police asking violators to turn back their vehicle.

The police have established 18 integrated security posts and checkpoints on small roads as well as borders to block vehicles that want to exit the Jabodetabek area.



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