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Kaskus Founder Faces Money Laundering Allegations

Andrew Darwis, Founder Kaskus

Andrew Darwis, founder of online community forum Kaskus, has been reported to the Jakarta police for accusations of money laundering.

Titi Sumawijaya claims that she borrowed Rp15billion from another person using the certificate of her building at Jl. Panglima Polim, South Jakarta, as collateral back in November 2018.

According to her lawyer, Jack Lapian, Titi only received Rp5billion. During the process, Titi claimed that her the certificate was changed to Andrew’s name without her consent. It is suspected that Andrew used the certificate at UOB Bank.

Titi is set to attend a questioning session at the police station this week. “The certificate is a product of a crime committed by the suspects that have been processed by the police previously,” Lapian added.

The Kaskus founder could be charged under Article 263 section 2 and or Article 378 of the Criminal Law and Articles 3, 4, or 5 of the Law No. 8 Year 2010 on Money Laundering Crimes.

Source: Tempo
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