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Holywings Indonesia Reported to Police Regarding Alcohol Promotion?

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Holywings Indonesia Reported to Police Regarding Alcohol Promotion?

The Young Indonesian Advocates Association (HAMI) has reported the management of Holywings Indonesia regarding an alleged blasphemy case.

The report was made to the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police on Thursday 23rd June 2022. 

HAMI Chairman Sunan Kalijaga explained that the report was related to the promotion of one free alcoholic drink for people named “Muhammad” and “Maria” at Holywings every Thursday, provided they bring an identity card. 

According to him, this promotion contained elements of blasphemy, therefore HAMI reported the management of Holywings Indonesia for alleged hate speech against individuals or groups based on ethnicity, religion, race, and intergroup.

“I, along with the Indonesian Young Advocates Association team, have reported allegations of blasphemy which we suspect was carried out by one of the cafe management,” said Kalijaga in his statement, quoted on Friday 24th June. “We deeply regret the promo which is clearly displayed, injuring the hearts of Muslims and Christians.

Soon after, a total of three people from the Holywings Indonesia’s promotion team underwent an investigation by the South Jakarta Metro Police on Thursday 23rd June, starting at 1pm local Jakarta time. 

During the questioning, a number of pieces of evidence used for the promotion were to be given to the police, such as a cell phone, laptop, and computer. 

We will help this investigation in accordance with the legal process in force in Indonesia,” wrote the Holywings’ statement. 

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the South Jakarta Metro Police Assistant Commissioner Police Ridwan Soplanit confirmed the ongoing investigation but offered no further information.

Holywings Indonesia apologised for its promotional activities on social media. 

We (also) have followed up the promotion team who made the promotion, without the knowledge of Holywings Indonesia’s management, with very severe sanctions,” wrote the management in an open apology letter uploaded on its official Instagram account @holywingsindonesia.

However, HAMI doubted the management’s lack of awareness.

“Of course, from the promotion team, it will be forwarded to higher leadership and as far as I know, certain leaders must accept it. But it’s impossible for a promotional person to publish it directly without anyone’s knowledge, namely from management,” said Kalijaga.

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