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Government Allows Large-Scale Parties and Concerts

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Government Allows Large-Scale Parties and Concerts

Communications and Information Minister Johnny G. Plate has said that the government will allow large events to be held, such as music concerts and large weddings, with the established guidelines.

Johnny said this was being done to accelerate the recovery of the national economy, especially in the tourism sector and in line with the improving situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Considering the need for us to accommodate community activities so that they remain productive but also safe from COVID-19, the government can now give permission to hold large-scale events and meetings involving many people, as long as they comply with the implementation guidelines that have been set,” said Johnny.

He gave examples of large-scale activities which include conferences, trade shows, sporting events, concert festivals, major wedding parties and events, and League 1 and League 2 football competitions.

“Of course, the implementation of major events has been through discussions with various parties,” he said.

The minister called the XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) this year an example of large-scale activities according to the guidelines being implemented.

“Guidelines and good practices in organising XX PON will be a valuable experience for Indonesia to hold large-scale activities during the pandemic,” he explained.

Permits for large activities will be given as long as the COVID-19 case numbers are under control. Each organiser must coordinate carefully with the government and the local COVID-19 Task Force.

At least six factors of potential virus transmission must be considered before permission is granted, namely:

  1. COVID-19 conditions in the event area
  2. The event allows for social distancing and good air circulation
  3. The event duration
  4. Activity management
  5. The number of participants
  6. Vaccine status of participants

The government also stipulates examples of guidelines for the implementation of major activities as follows:

  • Prior to the event: Health education, compiling implementation guidelines with contingency plans, ensuring facilities and infrastructure support health protocols.
  • During the event: Health screening, make sure medical devices are available, participants must obey the procedures, immediately refer if positive cases are found.
  • After the event: Ensure that no positive cases escape to return to the area of ??origin, optimize quarantine after arriving from the area.

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