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Decoding the Constellations in Search of “The One”

Decoding the Constellations in Search of “The One”
Decoding the Constellations in Search of “The One”

Searching for “the one”, or our soulmate, is either a tumultuous or smooth adventure, depending on the individual.

I’m surrounded by fellow millennials, as well as the Gen-Z and Gen-X, all seeking healthy love. The kind that involves two independent people making a deal to help make the other person be the best version of themselves. The modern dating pool has unfortunately signified green flags as red flags and predominantly, cruising along the stream to a land of confusion.

Dating apps, friendship circles, workplaces, networking events, activities reflecting hobbies, entertainment hubs, and whatnot are enthralling mediums to meet someone new. At one point, though – or even oftentimes – restlessness arises and the desire to be closed for business (as I like to say) grows stronger. “What’s the point? A free trial could easily end. Or it could lead to a probation period. Worse – a ‘situationship’ (claiming someone as yours but without the commitment),” are perhaps thoughts lingering as a single bum.

I’m reaching 30, which in Indonesian customs is a danger zone for a woman. I deem otherwise because I wouldn’t want to embark on a new life chapter with someone who doesn’t view and live life eye-to-eye. My idea of a “healthy love” is a partnership. I crave all forms of intimacy, a safety net, a ride or die, a cheerleader to support my irrational decisions and wholesome growth. I yearn for a man to tell me, similarly to Anthony Bridgerton’s viral line in season two of the Netflix hit show “Bridgerton”: “You are the bane of my existence”. Dramatic, yes, but I do deserve better.

Everyone we meet is believed to serve a purpose in our lives. To teach, test, and use us, and bring out the very best of us. Astrology is one of many gateways supporting this belief. Aside from providing forecasts for our future lives, astrology comprehensively dictates a human’s true essence in this realm. In the love department, astrology enables us to learn who we are most attracted to, both on the surface level and at our deepest core. An analysis of your natal chart can therefore provide insights into your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, desires, likes, dislikes, passions, finances, personality, communication, etc.

Unravel the language of the stars by comprehending your natal chart. Numerous websites offer free calculators that require you to input your date of birth, birthplace, and birth time. Imprecise birth time, however, may affect your reading’s accuracy. Once you click “submit”, a list of 12 houses will appear that individually explores your immediate world.

So, for those of you suffocating through the ravenous, endless dates and confusing texting sequences, try locating your Seventh House ruler (the Descendent) in your natal chart and note the planets in this celestial territory. You can possess one, two, or even zero planets under the Seventh House. Then, recognise each planet’s unique influence as it fosters the qualities you truly desire in a soulmate.

The Seventh House in astrology is responsible for our connections and represents our relationship astrology roadmap. It symbolises our “cosmic other half”, or the blinded or hidden parts of ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, these traits already exist within us but are simply unseen. Thus, we tend to seek them out in others.

The Seventh House also sheds light on our astrological compatibility with past and future connections, as opposed to sexual chemistry and physical attraction. Glimpses of our romantic relationships are projected depending on the sign(s) governing this house, such as what we need in our relationships or the patterns we continue to have in our relationships.

Have you identified which sign(s) are your Seventh House in? Decode your soulmate below:

  • In Aries: They’re energetic, fierce, and competitive. Their ability to put themselves first, draw boundaries when necessary, and have confidence are captivating for you.
  • In Taurus: They’re loyal, patient, and sensual. Their persistence and value of pleasure are admirable.
  • In Gemini: They’re witty, talkative, and sharp. You love how there are two very different sides.
  • In Cancer: They’re intuitive, caring, and empathetic. Their sense of taking control without being too demanding is appreciated.
  • In Leo: They’re childlike, theatrical, and playful. You’re drawn to their unapologetic self-expression.
  • In Virgo: They’re independent, analytical, and self-aware. Their need for a steady routine is honourable to you.
  • In Libra: They’re flexible, balanced, and understanding. You respect their passion for justice.
  • In Scorpio: They’re intense, passionate, magnetic, and tend to dig beneath the surface.
  • In Sagittarius: They’re wise, determined, and experimental. Their adventure-seeking trait is compelling.
  • In Capricorn: They’re grounded, disciplined, and reserved. You praise their hard work ethic.
  • In Aquarius: They’re clever, strategic, and unique. Their eccentric perspective of life is favourable.
  • In Pisces: They’re psychic, sensitive, and calm. You applaud their “old soul” attitude.

What if I have zero planets in the Seventh House? Marriage isn’t your fate nonetheless is a choice. Even if marriage occurs, it won’t be a major priority for you.

I have two planets under the Seventh House; Scorpio in Pluto and Sagittarius in Jupiter. In a nutshell, my soulmate is someone adventurous, willing to step out of his comfort zone, and who I can share thoughts with, regardless of how silly or serious they might be. His willingness to go above and beyond won’t be demeaning at all to me, yet invigorating. Indeed, I reckon these are compatible. A partner who will be there to remind me that being flexible, especially listening and following through my guts, is essential to combat my tendency to over analyse.

The men I’ve met via dating apps, networking events, and friends throughout my 20s all have common denominators: spontaneous and fiery. Stimulating, indeed. After all, I like to “play with fire”. A Dutch man I met on an app and an Indonesian man who happens to be my friend’s cousin were immensely straightforward and clear about their intentions. The former desired something casual whereas the latter wanted marriage. Both were intense and shared the love of adventure in every aspect of life. I was, however, merely comfortable to remain friends with both. I highly appreciate their ability to respect my wish and retain no bad blood as it’s a fresh breeze in contrast to the circling motions I’ve encountered. Moving forward, my awareness of associating with the Seventh House in my future connections is more confident.

Love is an intricate tapestry of decisions aligned with your heart’s desires. Consider the Seventh House as a compass, not your destiny, as astrology broadens our perspectives into the importance of patience and divine timing. Everything happens for a reason falling on a specific timeline so to rush the process will only enhance expectations that would ultimately crumble us.

Trust the universe to unfold your love story at its own pace. Allow the constellations to align unexpectedly.

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